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Barry’s Story – 117kg, XL shirts & a muffin top to 87kg, regular 10 mile runs and life changing confidence (in under a year)


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Here’s how Barry went from a 117kg XL dude who’d pull his shorts over his muffin top on holidays to hide his gut, to a confident 87kg M that can easily put away 10 mile runs, all while having fun in the gym.

…DESPITE 2 hernia operations, a couple of other injuries, and following no special diet (in under a year).

When you read this you’ll be staggered by just how much of a change someone can make in their life in a year, even while enjoying a few pints each weekend, and some holidays, WITHOUT having to eat turkey and broccoli 24/7.

Our Dublin Personal Training Gym is more than just a gym – it’s a place to learn and grow.

Barry is the reason RevFit exists. To help “normal” people who think gyms are scary and intimidating environments to see how welcoming and fun they can be.

I’ll let Barry tell you the story…

Where were you before you started training with us?

I had been a (non-practicing) member of Ballymun gym for a few years, and my only real form of exercise was the odd game of squash, or 5-a-side. I weighed about 117kg at one point in April/May 2015, and had a lot of weddings etc. to go to that summer, and had seen a lot photos of myself, and decided it was time for a change.

I lived in XL shirts and tees, and just didn’t feel comfortable at all with how I looked. I’d never take the t-shirt off at the beach on holidays, and I’d pull the shorts up around my bellybutton when going into the pool to hide the muffin top.

What was your biggest barrier or concern before getting started?

I was worried it’d be too hard and that I’d never shift the weight. I did not want to be one of those people who lived for the gym, and couldn’t enjoy the few pints here and there, and had to eat turkey 21 times a week (a picture I had built in my own head).

I also thought that if I couldn’t hack it, it’d go down as a failure.

I’d been getting James’ emails from Jan-May 2015 and was always saying “I should go up”, but never did. Then I just said, fuck it, I’ve nothing to lose (except the kgs).

What was it actually like training at RevFit?

First session was with Luke down in Drumcondra, and he couldn’t have been more welcoming. It was an eyeopener, as I realised how inflexible and generally unfit I was. Sure, I could go play a game of football, but I realised that I probably spent more time shouting than running.

I started off on a program that always kept me interested, and changed up nicely over the weeks and months that followed.

In other gyms I’ve been in, watching the dopes standing in front of the mirrors grunting was really off-putting, especially when they’d sneer at you for picking up the 5kg dumbbells when they’re throwing the 30’s around, again while grunting.

In the main training area in RevFit, there are no mirrors, and certainly no grunters. There are just people who are enjoying what they’re doing, and encouraging the others around them to do the same. Seriously I never thought I’d have fun in the gym, and while it’s hard work, you don’t feel it because you’re having a bit of craic. Whether it’s Eoin’s shite taste in music, or everyone jeering Eoin for his shite taste in music, you’re guaranteed a bit of banter while you train!

What have you achieved while training with us?

I’ve dropped over 30kg, now wear medium tees and shirts, and I need a belt for my 34 inch jeans and pants, when I previously had to squeeze into a 36.

I’m running 10 milers on a regular basis too, and did a half marathon in January. Strength training has helped so much with this. My chest and arms got bigger, and there’s the beginnings of an ab starting to creep in!

I had a couple of setbacks along the way (2 hernia operations, caused by the running), but the lads were able to tailor a program for me that meant I didn’t need to stop training altogether. They also made sure to help me feel included in the classes every time, even though I wasn’t following the regular program.

Above all else, I’ve become confident in my appearance, and friends and family can’t believe the change from this time last year even. That confidence has translated into every part of my life, including work, and I’ve taken opportunities that I would not have previously due to the lack of confidence.

Cheesy statements aside, RevFit has literally changed my life.

Cheers lads!

I have no words to describe how reading something like that makes me feel. I’m not at all religious, but it makes me feel blessed. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, humility, luck, privilege and good fortune to have been able to help, and insane levels of pride to have a team of trainers able to do the same, despite Eoin’s shit taste in music!!

What I hope you see in this is that Barry was a regular guy with all the fears and concerns about training that almost EVERYONE who starts with us shares.

He didn’t feel comfortable with how he looked, and wouldn’t take his shirt off on holidays.

He was worried it would be too hard, he wouldn’t be able to hack it, and would go down as a failure if he couldn’t do it.

He didn’t want to be sneered at by grunting dopes in a big gym who laughed at you for not being strong enough.

It took him almost 6 months of gentle encouragement from reading emails and blog posts from me (like this exact one you’re reading now) to push him over the edge and get him down. Only about 15% of the people who join us do so in the first 90 days after becoming aware of RevFit. The rest – take up to 18 months.

If you’re reading this today and you’ve been sitting on the fence, or waiting for a sign – this is it. You could be the next Barry. Come summer, I could be writing a blog post about you. You could be telling me RevFit has changed your life.

You’ll have to throw out your wardrobe, completely change the style of clothes you wear and have confidence that translates into EVERY area of your life and be a totally different person in 6 months time.

The QUICKEST way to get started is to go to this page here and register for a private personal training session with one of our team. It’s exactly how Barry got started. REGISTER HERE. There’s no charge for the session, and as you’ll see on the page, our programs are actually very affordable.

Let’s just say… training with us is MUCH better value than going on the piss every weekend and waking up with a slamming hangover and a craving for fast food that would keep MaccyDs in business!

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