June 2

Things That SHOULDN’T Happen During Your First Session With A Personal Trainer


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One of the biggest problems with a “to do” list is that stuff just keeps getting added to it, and eventually it gets so big you never get anything done. I know for me, my biggest problem is wasting time with distraction and other things that drag me away from what I’m trying to get done.

So, instead of a “to do” list, I have a “not to do” list which helps me avoid distraction and time slip.

A couple of examples of “not to do” for me are;

+ put phone away, do not check social until task is complete

+ do not snooze alarm, get up

+ do not pass something out of place without putting it where it should be

Simple things, but done consistently they get the job done.

As trainers, we have a “not to do” list in the gym for people during their first few sessions with us. Yesterday I was telling you about the awesome post Luke put in our trainer group about how to care for new clients, you might want to read that before continuing with this;


So, there was a second part to that facebook message – things to AVOID doing with new clients. Today, I’m gonna share those points with you. If you’ve ever experienced a trainer doing this, they fucked up.

Yes.. screaming at someone. That’s great way to help them.

A demonstration of all the movements we’re going to do during a session at the very start of class is not good enough. Most people only remember 2-3 pieces of information, and when you’re new that may not even be enough to remember how to perform ONE exercise, never mind 6.

…and that’s without trying to remember how to even set the equipment up for the movements. Memory and recall under stress tend not to be so good.

As a trainer, sometimes you think “oh I know, I’ll train new Mary up with strong and fast Jane, that’ll get her up to speed MUCH quicker”, and a lot of the time – that’s a mistake. SOMETIMES if a new member is confident and an extrovert getting them “working in” (that’s what you call pairing up in a gym) with an experienced member who knows the ropes is great.

…BUT for a lot of people instead of helping them and making em feel better it’ll just make them even more self conscious of how little they know, how much they’re slowing down the other person and how they’re probably ruining their partners workout.

On the other hand – pairing new members up is a great should because ya get to see someone else is in the same position as you, and you get to know someone new from day 1 🙂

One thing I always say to new clients during the first days and weeks with us is “I want to break you in without breaking you”. If it’s your first training session in a long time (or ever), just looking at a barbell will be enough to leave you feeling sore and beat up the next day.

While some stiffness and pain post workout is normal, excessive amounts is not. Any munter can make someone sore. There’s no skill in that. And if you’re so beat up you can’t get outta bed the next day and dread the thought of the gym, what good is that to you?

Done right your body will quickly adapt and by week 3-4 you’ll be flying, but having to crawl thru week 1-2 is just stupid and shouldn’t be considered some badge of honor.

I can’t overstate enough just how wrong some trainers get it, and how bad it can be for your morale and enthusiasm.

The way I look at it is thusly…

It’s probably taken you a long time to actually give this a go. You probably have a lot of hang ups about your body, your weight, your strength and your fitness.

If we make you leave the gym feeling like shit and not champagne, we’ve done something wrong.

You should walk out of your initial sessions tired but enthused. Sweaty but happy. Fatigued but energized.

Anything else is not good enough.

Someone was pushed a little too hard in their first session….

Wanna see what that actually feels like when done right? Come join us for a free personal training session, free week of semi private training and bootcamp, and if you like it – get your first month with us for just €147.

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