November 9

The Problem With Joe Wicks & KFC


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You might remember the hullabaloo about Joe Wicks, KFC, and how one of his dishes has like 2x the kcals of a KFC snack box.

A few people asked what I think of it, and my response has been consistent.

It’s fucking bullshit

It’s bullshit  because as much as I dislike what Joe Wicks does, the premise of the argument is fundamentally flawed.

Here’s a snapshot of the argument:


The breakdown is this…
KFC: 500kcals – 27g protein, 61g carbs, 14g (x2)

Joe’s Salad: 1120kcals – 102g  protein, 7g carbs, 76g fat

First things first – forget about fat. I’m sure by now you’re smart enough to realise fat doesn’t make you fat.

Here’s what matters. Look at the protein content.

No way in hell is that ONE serving.

An average chicken breast has about 20-25g protein in it.

So this salad, if you’re eating it on its own, has the equivalent of 4 chicken breasts of protein in it.

You try eating that in one sitting.

Not a hope.

Cut everything in half, or even a third, and you get a truer idea of what is in a serving.

About the same as KFC, or perhaps slightly less.

But it doesn’t stop there.


The KFC portion is quite small. You’ll be starving again not too long after eating it.

The Joe Wicks chicken salad serving is HUGE. you’ll be stuffed for ages after eating.

The KFC meal will absolutely lead to you eating more calories later in the day, and on average consuming many more calories over the following 24hr period.

It’s bullshit.

It’s a fake argument constructed by someone to get some exposure, and to have a pop at someone successful.

Remember – there’s always an agenda in fitness. Everyone is trying to sell you something.

Don’t fall for it.

Use common sense.

Should you eat real food? Yes.

Can you eat the odd bit of fast food without ruining a diet? Yes.

Do calories matter? Yes.

Is a chicken salad better for you than KFC? In almost every conceivable situation – yes.

Like I said – it’s fucking bullshit.

Don’t fall for the BS.
Just eat real food whenever the opportunity presents itself and you won’t go far wrong.


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