January 17

Are You Measuring The Wrong Things?


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There’s this thing in email marketing called an “open rate” – the number of people you send an email to versus the amount that open it.

It’s a great measure of how much people like and trust your advice.
I always knew I did pretty good numbers wise, but when I checked last week against a couple of my peers I found out I was doing substantially better than them.

I’m not sure if that’s because these emails are better quality, or because there’s less people who do it in Ireland. Either way – it doesn’t matter THAT much, because it’s not really a number that says anything about the underlying fundamentals of the gym.

It’s just a data point that shows ​we’re talking about health and fitness stuff that people care about.

And THAT data is important – if it’s getting measured, it’s getting managed. In politics, we’d be “on message”.

It’s much like YOUR data.

There’s irrelevant numbers that will make you feel good, and important numbers that actually matter.​​

All the tape measures in the world won’t help if you’re measuring the wrong thing…

Is your body fat % and weight going down?

Are you strength numbers going up?

Do you want bigger more muscular arms, but have no idea if they’ve increased in strength over the last 12-16 weeks?

They’re the sort of numbers you need to worry about.

For a lot of our clients, body fat % going down is the number one concern. If you missed it yesterday, have a read of this blog post about how to calculate your ideal body fat %, some common body fat misconceptions, and the best way to measure it.




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