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Are You Being Mis-Sold A Transformation Training Program?

Guilty confession time – I’m not sure if I’m completely comfortable with the concept of “transformation programs”. The term makes me a bit queasy because I associate a lot of negative connotations with it. Quick fixes. Starvation. Beating someone into the ground. Unsustainable etc etc. BUT most “non gym” people see it as being the […]

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So You Want To Be A Personal Trainer?

If you read these mails, watch the videos or follow my blogs, I’m guessing you’ve a bit of an interest in your health and fitness. You probably enjoy reading about training, food, recovery and everything else that comes together to have a person in good shape. For some, that rabbit hole becomes deeper and deeper […]

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[ANSWERED] How Much Should I Train? 6 Days? 3 Days? How Many Set and Reps Should I Do? What Weight Should I Be Lifting?

Yesterday in our powerlifting team whatsapp we got to discussing training volume, how much is too much, should we be doing more, and what’s optimal.  I could write for days on this, but today will be a brief summary, hopefully opening the door to some Qs from you that I can expand on later. TERMS […]

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