May 18

Advice For Women Who Wear Make Up In The Gym


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I don’t know how to start this message to you. You might remember a while back I went on a bit of a rant about the fitfam and said that sometimes I get so annoyed and frustrated the words just get choked in my throat and I cant adequately express myself.

Well it’s happening again.

See I got to talk about the whole “make up in the gym” thing with someone recently.

And honestly – it does my head in.

It does my head in that ladies have ANOTHER barrier to overcome in the gym.

In the last week I’ve met 3 new women RevFit members who were quite nervous about starting (…and a few more who weren’t, for the record).

3 women who broke out of their comfort zone to try something new, and who shut up the mean girl voice in their head that said “you can’t” and gave it a go.

If you’re a seasoned gym rat, that might not seem like a big deal. But for some people joining a gym is as a terrifying as being asked to stand up on stage and sing in front of a group of hostile strangers.

It’s scary, man.

Could you imagine how shit it would be if I then had the audacity to tell them what they can or can’t wear to my gym?

Whether it’s “right” or “wrong” let’s just all be adults and admit that a lot of women rely on make up and clothes to feel good about themselves, just like a lot of guys rely on muscles or fancy cars to feel good about THEMselves.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need the external support. But in case you haven’t noticed – this world isn’t perfect.

So how about this – next time, before you make a smart comment about how caked someone is in the gym, or what clothes they’re wearing… shut the fuck up and show some empathy.

Think about how exposed she might be feeling.

Show some compassion.

…that doesn’t mean go up and give her a sweaty hug by the way. It just means don’t be a judgmental dick.

And yes – I know what you’re thinking “but some girls DO do it for the attention”. Absolutely. I 100% agree with you.

Truthfully, it wrecks my head because those same girls tend to be just as insecure, but because they’re further along their fitness journey and have a large following, they become “influencers” and eventually online coaches (who couldn’t superset scratching their head and rubbing their belly at the same time) but since they look the part, they can dupe other people into believing their bullshit.

**deep breath James…**

Moving swiftly on.

The whole wearing skimpy clothes and make up to the gym isn’t that different to the way as some girls wear greyhounds and giant heels on nights out.

But really, since it’s not actually effecting you, how about you…

…shut the fuck up and get on with your life.

If you’re read this and thinking “what an asshole” then you should probably just scroll to the bottom of this message now and forget you ever heard about James Hanley or Revolution Fitness.

But if you’re reading this and thinking “finally… someone gets it” then how about you come in and try RevFit for a week free on me.

And if you like it, you can try a special one time only trial offer of €147 for an entire month of training before moving onto one of our weekly packages (which are between €30-45 per week).

Here’s what you get;

– flexible personal training sessions that you can change week to week

– you’ll be shown exercises and coached thru a training program specially selected because of it’s transformative effects

– an exclusive beginners “get to know you” introductory session with one of our personal training team

– a free ladies body transformation nutrition package included so you know exactly what you need to eat to lose weight safely and effectively (and keep it off)

If you’re sick of “rules” and being judged in the gym, or need an extra push to get things started, live somewhere close to finglas / glasnevin / ashtown and are prepared to make a commitment thru the summer and beyond (provided you enjoy yourself) we’d love to have you.

This is NOT for those seeking a quick fix.

Getting a spot is easy – just send me back an email and tell me you’d like to come in for the trial. You’ll get a free personal training session and up to 6 more training sessions during the week too.

The ONLY condition is that if you like what we have to offer – you can realistically commit to 2-4 training sessions each week, and can afford to invest €30-39 per week in our services going forwards.

We want to help you out, we just don’t want you to take the piss outta us 🙂

So, if you’re game ball – send us a message using the contact page here and we’ll get you set.

A word of warning tho – we do have two rules in the gym

#1 – No dickheads allowed

#2 – Have fun

…but hey – they’re good rules right?

Our Dublin Personal Training Gym is more than just a gym – it’s a place to learn, grow and have fun.

PS – possibly might seem a bit ironic that I’m simultaneously giving out about people complaining about make wearers in the gym, and also giving out about some of the people do wear make up in the gym, but if you can’t see the difference in what I’m explaining, you probably just want an argument


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