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Holiday Hacks – Part 3 of 3

  This is the final installment in the “holiday things that are kinda related to training, but aren’t really, but I’mma talk about em anyway so there” series. You can find parts 1 and 2 of the series here: Part 1 : Part 2 : Today’s one, I discovered 100% by accident. I […]

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How Not To Be Basic

  You know when you should have seen coming from miles off, but either thru willful ignorance, or convincing yourself to hope for the best, you don’t? I get that feeling weekly. Sometimes daily. This might seem like a rant, but there’s an important lesson for you at the end.d See we do a lot […]

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Expectation Versus Appreciation

When you trade your expectations for appreciation your whole world will change. Yesterday, while I was sitting in Nero Coffee I got majorly pissed off because their wifi wasn’t working. Stop and think about that for a second – I got pissed off because there was no wifi while sitting in a glass fronted building, […]

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