What's Semi Private Personal Training All About?

Semi private personal training is like a personal training session with your friends - everyone works off a similar program, but we adjusted it based off your unique needs and requirements.

If you're tired of being frustrated with your lack of progress over the last few weeks and months, and lost as to how to do anything about it then we are the gym for you.

Sure, we have high standards and expectations of our clients.

But… we do not care how fit or strong you are right now.

All that we care about is that you’ll show up and do the best YOU can do.

 Because we know from past experience that when you show up and give it your best shot, you’ll surprise yourself with how good that “best shot” actually is.


Most of the guys and girls we work with in RevFit are “normal” people. Guys and girls who played a bit of sport and kept fit when they were younger, and then got a job or went to college and started to let the old routines slip.

They get caught up in the “good life” of convenience foods and nights out. You slowly start gaining unnoticed weight until one day, all of a sudden, your pants won't button up anymore and you don’t like the person staring back at you in the mirror.

The first step is education - helping you see how the choices you make impact your body (eg the effect of that busy office job, sandwiches for lunch and takeaways for dinner).

We help you put in place steps and strategies to undo the damage and prevent it from happening again. 

Then, we teach you the safest and most effective way to do the big compound, metabolism stoking exercises like squats, bench pressing and deadlifts so you can get strong fast.

We design a complete program with all the necessary factors for success (including mobility / flexibility training & conditioning / fitness work) and coach you through it every step of the way.


We can’t do it for you – you’re going to have to work with us. We need you to keep an open mind when it comes to nutrition and training (don’t worry, you can still have your favourite snacks and a bit of alcohol). 

So, if you're the sorta person who thinks you know it all already...

 We’re probably not right for you.

(but if you do know it all,  why aren’t you in a position where you’re completely happy with your body?)


It’s not unusual for people to see up to 5kg of fat loss in their first month with us. We design a comprehensive timeline for all our clients that shows you where you are now, how much fat you need to lose to really look “in shape” and how long it’ll take for you to get there.

(hint: guys need to be about 15%, and girls need to be about 22% body fat to start to look “in shape”)

We do it that way because we want to give you absolute certainty that this time it WILL be different and you will see long term success.

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