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One-size-fits-all will NOT work for your health and fitness goals. Your goals are unique and together we'll explore what you've done before, what's worked, what hasn't, and we'll build a sustainable plan for the future.

It all starts with a No Sweat Online Consultation so we can help you select the right starting point. We do things differently at Revolution Fitness, and we think you'll like it.


Our SWEAT program is where most members start - if you're new to training, returning from a lay off or can only spend 45 minutes of work 2-3x per week with us but want a full-body strength and cardio workout - this is for you.


We guarantee you can lose at least 3-5kg and get 10-20% stronger and fitter in your first 28 days, or receive double your money back.

It’s not a quick fix. Just a quick start.


STRENGTH is for men and women who want to throw around barbells and get strong fast. If you're a beginner looking to learn correct technique, or experienced powerlifter looking to increase your total - this will be your program.

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Success Stories


"It's about the mental headspace for me"

Louise joined to lose weight, but stayed because she loved getting stronger. She got rid of her commercial gym one-size-fits-all training program and joined our SWEAT group. She lost 15kg and has a much healthier outlook on food and diet.


"I've lost over 10kg of fat and gained muscle"

Derek went from asthmatic and overweight, to running around with his kids and playing football again. Bad eating hab its, no exercise and a mental block towards gyms are just some of the things Derek overcame. Now, he can run around and keep up with his little girls.


"My bones are stronger and I've toned up"

Bernie started at 60, then knocked 20 years off her metabolic age and is now the fittest and strongest she's ever been. Bernie joined us having not exercised in over 10 years. She was worried about whether she would be able for it. But now she's lifting 20kg kettlebells with ease, and is more agile than ever before.

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Is Revolution Fitness The Right Gym For You?

If you have tried to lose weight with a crash diet or unsustainable exercise plan...

You don’t know how to start, what to do, have existing injuries you need to train around...

You're frustrated that your current fitness program isn’t working, it doesn’t seem like their trainer cares, or 

You have tried and failed to count calories, lost some weight, gained it all back again, and now want a more sustainable approach...

You need to talk to us today.

RevFit is different because:

  • We know you. We know your name. We know your story. And we know your goals. We cap our membership to ensure a personalised service
  • Every training session is done while monitoring your heart rate and effort using MyZone to ensure you’re working hard enough to make progress, but not so hard you burn out
  • We teach you what to eat and how to cook, and also partner with a nutrition company who will provide all your meals for you to collect in the gym at a surprisingly affordable cost, so if you’re too busy to do it yourself, you can just grab and go
  • There’s always another level of fitness or strength to step up to when you’re ready, so you’ll always be challenged, and avoid the dreaded demoralising plateaus you may have experienced before (most people quit training because they’ve no idea if they’re getting fitter or stronger and feel like they’re just on a long path to nowhere)
  • You’ll have targets, goals and a record of your progress to review with your accountability coach each month so you know what’s gone well, and what needs work
  • You’ll join a group of members who’s average term is well over 2 years with us, rather than the 2 months most other gyms see

Simply put, Revolution Fitness will be the last gym you ever join.

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