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Darragh don't take no shit. As former head of the RevFit ladies program, and current gym manager, he's the man to talk to if you're a lady looking to get back in shape.

He comes from a martial arts background, but don't let that scare you - he's really a giant teddy bear.

Speaking of giants and teddy bears... Darragh used to be about the size of a bear before losing A LOT of weight.

He ended up in the personal training game because of that and now wants to help people starting out from making the same mistakes he did.

(HINT: crash dieting and loads of cardio is NOT the way to do it)


Luke’s been involved in sport in some way, shape or form for as long as he can remember. The most recent of which was making the national trampolining squad (yes, it IS a real sport!!).

He started training in the gym to be bigger, stronger and looked ripped (..like most dudes). But he did everything wrong – high squat, sore shoulders and loads of injuries.

It was through that he was inspired to learn how to train and move properly. He spent some time training at RevFit as a before eventually graduating to intern, and then full time coach.

He was always a skinny kid, and despite being relatively lean and having abs most of the time, he could never put on size. But I think if you look at his before and after photo from a year at RevFit, it proves he’s now the guy to talk to when it comes to getting skinny dudes jacked.

PS - one thing you should know about Luke is that he hates writing bios, so the fact you’re even reading this is a miracle.


Handsome Ste is the tanned, well dressed member of the RevFit team. Like Luke, he started life as a client shortly after finishing his PT course.

He's an outdoorsy kind of guy and loves nothing more than having a laugh and taking the piss out of himself. If you ever take part in a tough mudder or hell and back event while at RevFit, Ste's gonna be the one putting you through your paces.

When he's not coaching, you'll probably find him dancing around the gym and throwing high 5s about like confetti. Ste takes his fun and comedy VERY seriously.

He has a degree in biology and loves geeking out on things like physiology, biomechanics and nutrition (aka how we move and eat). One of his strongest skills is communicating complex nutrition and training ideas to complete newbies who have never trained before.

His favourite thing in the gym is teaching those newbies how to move, lift and eat. But not just the "teaching", also help them understand WHY they're doing what they're doing, and why it's so important to long term success.


James spent 3.5 years of his life slowly dying behind a desk as an accountant before he realised living under a barbell was what he really wanted to do.

During college he competed at (and won) national and world championships in the sport of powerlifting. He was supremely dedicated to his training, but even with all the knowledge and dillegence he was horrified to see how easy it was for things to slip once he got a job in "the real world".

He found his way up to 110kg before finally deciding to do something about it. It was out of that system the programming for RevFit was developed, and James shone the bat fat signal to assemble a team of expert coaches who shared his vision that "normal" people could benefit from strength training, healthy eating and enjoy a good relationship with their body, food and have awesome craic while doing it.


Lizzie is the RevFit gym dog. She's in charge of important tasks like chasing balls and licking people. She's a rescued Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Dogs Aid in Dublin.

When asked what her favourite part about RevFit was, she responded with "I just love chasing the balls everywhere. OMG... a ball. Gotta go!"

You'll usually find Lizzie holding court in the office - she's here most days, so if you ever want to say hi to her, just let one of us know.

Lizzie's favourite kind of exercise are interval sprints on the beach, NOT deadlifting, and watching James bench press. Despite not training much, Lizzie is absolutely jacked. But that's mostly genetics.


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