Every misspelled word you find in this advertisement is worth €10 towards your membarship at The 12 Week RevFit Transformation Bootcamp.


Irish people have 2 weaknesses. The first is spelling, and the second is how much attention we pay to our health and fitness. RevFit intends to do something about both of these problems.

This advertisement has several misspelled words (you might have already missed the first one...). Some are intentionally misspelled and others are because my spelling is pretty lousy (my grammar is shocking too).

For every misspelled word you find in this ad, I’ll reduce the cost of your spot on The RevFit 12 Week Transformatoin Bootcamp by €10. If you find 10 words misspelled, you save €100. If you find 25 words misspelled, you get €250 off the price. And if you find 45 misspelled words, you’ll get your place for absolutely nothing. Why such genorosity?

We've members in all shapes and sizes - we're definitely not just a gym for meat heads.


There’s hundreds of gyms operating around Dublin charging a variety of memberships from €20 right up to €200+ per month and beyond.We’re pretty much at the top of the market, both in terms of price and service. Many of our high level programs are just too costly for the average customer.

So, we have designed a new comprehensive coached training program which we are going to run out of our gym that will include everything you need to get and stay in shape this summer.

Obviously, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into designing this program. We don’t want to cheapen our core service and piss the people we’re currently serving off by charging too little, so by by running this competition and listing the full retail price, nobody really knows what price we’re offering it for anyway. That way we can make everyone happy – especially those of you with a lower back, core, legs or arms you want to strengthen. The rules really are quite simple.


Look through this ad in its entirety to find the misspelled words. Note down each misspelled word and put the total number of misspelled words into the form at the bottom of this page. But please, don’t correct my grammer! Then, multiply the number of misspelled words by €10 and deduct that amount from the €450 price show in this advertisement. We promise to give you a space on the next 12 week training program at the price you earn. We’ll even let you pay in 2 or 3 installments.

Expect to do a lot of your workouts as part of a team - it's more fun and everyone supports each other to push harder

But be careful – if you give us a word that’s not misspelled we reserve the right to reect your entry and have you arrested. All enteries must be submitted by using the form on the bottom of this page l and checked/agreed by us before you win your prize. This is NOT a scam. But there are a few disclaimers…

We have a limited number of spaces on the tprogram so we reserve the right to run out of space once full (approx. 20 people). We also reserve the right to reject any order that is blatantly taking the piss out of us. That means please do not copy and paste this advertisement into Microsoft Word (or similar) for a spell check. And absolutely do not post up in the facebook comment section to team up and get the biggest discount. Play it honest. Play it fair. And I promise we’ll honour it.


This program is designed to take you from “our of shape” into good shape. Fast. If you’re an experienced weightlifter looking to step your game up, this program is not for you. We’ve a great 16 week powerlifting program that would be the perfect fit for you, but this is not it.

So who’s it for? It’s for anyone who struggles to stick to a diet and doesn’t know what to do in the gym. It’s for anyone who needs a helping hand or knows that without some accountability they’ll find it too easy to skip workouts.

What I like about the program is how easy it is to stick to. In the first month you only need to train 3x per week for about 45 minutes, and we’ll be there coaching you through every workout. In the second and third months you’ll have the optoin to increase the number of workouts at no extra cost, but certainly 4 good workouts a week are the maximum number you need once you also follow our principle based nutrition approach.


  • 3 coached training sessions per week in our high intensity bootcamp class using dumbbells, kettlebells, battling ropes, prowler sleds, your own bodyweight and much more
  • Support and encouragement from our team of trainers and nutritionists to make sure you reach your goals
  • 1x baseline nutrition seminar with our nutrition consultant from Lovett Nutrition (you can't even buy a spot on this!) who will show you exactly how to make great food choices no matter what the situation

  • 1x mindset for fat loss workshop with Sarah from The Better Life Project to help you understand why it's not just about losing weight, but also your relationship with your body
  • Monthly body fat and tape measurement check ins to make sure you stay on track with your fat loss and fitness goals

  • 2 private facebook support groups - one for any nutrition or food related questions, and one for general support and Q&A


You probably don’t realise this, but you have measuring cups build into your body. Look down at your elbows, they’re about 12-18 inches below them. Yup – your hands. For the first month, your only goal will be to eat 70-80% of your food from “real” sources. Things that haven’t come from the freezer isle or out of a brightly coloured cardboard box. We’ll provide you with a complete list of those foods and 3 recipe books so you’ll never run out of ideas.

From there, in months 2 and 3 we may tighten it up a bit if you need it, but we find most of our clients typically don’t. We’ll know if you need to tighen up your nutrition because we’ll be tracking your body fat using a tape measure and scales each month.

I can’t guarantee you’ll end the program 5 to 10kg lighter, but if you follow the program and show up to train consistently, I can’t possibly see how it won’t happen. What I WILL guarantee though is this – if after 1 month of our Transformation Bootcamp Program you haven’t lost at least 4kg and can show us that you’ve eaten right at least 80% of the time, we’ll cancel any remaining payments and you can train for free with us for the remainder of the program.

The only thing you have to lose is unsightly body fat.


One last thing – please don’t call or email us askng how many words are misspelled. We know how many we got intentionally wrong, but the unintentional amount is what scares us!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to train at one of the finest gyms in Dublin at the lowest possible cost for just being able to count our misspelled words.

To find out more, or join – count the number of misspelled words, click the button below and entre your name, the number of misspelled words, and what they were.

Training starts on 4th July in our gym on Ballyboggan Road in Glasnevin, but if you enter now you can start early at no extra cost. There’s training sessions Monday to Thursday evening each week, and on Saturday mornings.

Good luck,

The Entire 12 Week RevFit Transformation Bootcamp Program Normally Costs €450 But We'll Let You Join For Whatever Price Your Earn As Part Of This Promotion


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