So you’re reading my first blog of 2018 eh? If you’ve been around a while, you’re probably expecting a new year rant, or something about why resolutions are pointless. But you won’t see that today.

I love new years. And not because it’s the most popular time of the year for gyms.

I love new years because it gives people the confidence to start.

Maybe you’re the kinda person that’s been sitting around for weeks, months, or maybe even years putting off trying to get in shape because you’ve no idea what to expect.

You’re probably very nervous at the idea of opening yourself up to a gym or coach and having to confess all your silly little nutrition sins.

Look at these guys and gals… they don’t look so scary do they?!

I 100% get it. I’ve been there too. Not with the gym, but with swimming, the dentist, dance lessons and a whole other ton of shit I didn’t want to do, but knew I should.

Back in 2016 I was at the Tony Robbin’s “Unleash The Power Within” week long seminar in London and he hit us with a gem:

Our biggest fear is that we’re not enough and we won’t be loved

Pretty much every irrational thing you do or think is created to protect against that.

You don’t take risk in case you fail.

You pick a safe career because going out on your own, or following an unconventional path isolates you.

You stay in a bad relationship because even tho you’ve nothing in common and it’s clear he doesn’t love you, at least you have SOMEONE. Anyone.

It’s the same reason you can’t stop going on the piss with friends.

It’s why you care so much about what that knob in the sales department thinks about.

It’s why you don’t dance like no one is watching or sing like no one is listening.

Being judged is awful. But if you get judged AND shunned by a peer group, well that sets of this cascading idea in your subconscious that you’re not enough, you’ll be alone forever and no one will love you.

And that’s scary.

it”s why joining a gym is SO hard. If you’re even a little bit conscious of how you look, or your physical fitness and attached a lot of weight to others opinion of your appearance, admitting you’re not in good shape and need help is HARD.

It challenges your basic assumptions about your worth and value.

It’s raw.

Sometimes RevFit feels like a gym for people who don’t like gyms…

It’s why it’s so easy to hide in bigger gyms where you get no help, no one knows your name and the only instruction is some pictures and words on a machine.

It’s easier to get started because you don’t have to interact with anyone. You don’t have to share secrets and you don’t have to worry about feeling judged.

…but you don’t have to worry about getting results either because that rarely happens. Not because the gym doesn’t work, but because you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Coming off the back of our last 6 week transformation where the average weight loss was 4.5kg and the highest was 8.2kg, the one thing people kept repeating was about how much of an education it was.

They new every session was a benefit. And they knew why.

They were coached thru workouts and shown what they needed to improve on on an individual basis.

They understood just how many calories were in the foods they were eating and the effect of how mad weekends can kick your goals further down the line.

And even if they didn’t lose the most weight, they at least came away knowing WHY.

If our greatest fear is thinking we’re not enough and we won’t be loved, our greatest frustration must be why even though you’re breaking your hole TRYING, you’ve no idea what you’re NOT getting results.

And that’s enough to make anyone give up. Or not even start.

Especially if you’ve had a bad experience before.

So, now that the new year is  here – why not use your chance to make a resolution as an excuse to get going. I can’t speak for other gyms, but I know RevFit is a judgement free zone. We’ve a strict “no dickhead” policy (and thankfully in 6 years have only had to enact it twice!!).

So how about you come down for a trial? See what it’s all about.

And if nothing else, with this being your first day back at work, you’re probably not going to get any work done anyway, so you may as well read this: