January 4

Understanding Your “Why” Is All That Really Matters


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One of the most valuable pieces of coaching advice I’ve ever received is to always question the “…so that”.

It’s something that I’ve found works when thinking about why I do things, about why Sarah does things, and about why everyone does …well, basically EVERYTHING they do.

Hell, it even works when it comes to figuring out why Lizzie (our dog) is acting a certain way.

And it’s something that I encourage you to think about too.

Here’s how it works…

The “thing” is NEVER the thing.

No one wants to lose weight.

They want to lose weight “so that..” they feel a certain way.

Maybe you want to lose weight so that when you look in the mirror you won’t be ashamed of what you see staring back at you.

Or maybe you want to lose weight so that you can play with your kids and aren’t exhausted after swinging them around for 10 minutes.

Perhaps you want to lose weight so that your partner will find you attractive again and won’t leave you for the new girl who just started in work.

No one wants to get stronger or build muscle.

They want to get stronger and build muscle “so that…” they feel a certain way.

Maybe they want the feeling of importance and significance that comes from being the strongest and biggest of their friends.

Maybe they want it because it helps you stand out amongst other men and makes it easier to get laid.

Perhaps you want to be big and strong because you were bullied in school and having more muscle and strength is like armour against it in the future.

I don’t know what your why is.

You probably don’t either.

It’s very early in the morning to ask such meaningful questions, I know.

But you should.

Because when things get tough, and they will get tough – that “why” is your north star.

Keep focused on that, and everything will be ok..

PS – already know your why? then come on down and let us help you get it. And if you don’t – that’s ok, we’ll probably help ya find that out too. Just fill in the form below and we’ll send you a quick email about how we can help. If you like the sounds of things from there, great… we’ll get you in for an intro session and free trial week!



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