Stop Wasting Money On A Gym Membership You're Not Using And Try This Instead

Most first sessions with trainers are nothing but disguised sales pitches. If they can make you cry, they’ve got your money. They think emotional manipulation is cool because they've got your best interests at heart. But do they?

There we are... The RevFit Gang.

Whoever said getting in shape is easy was full of shit. Losing weight is hard. Sure, the underlying principles make sense to a personal trainer or fitness freak, but that’s no good to you if you’re experience in a gym is a few machine circuits, a jacuzzi and lettuce for lunch

For most people, weight loss in an ongoing battle they will never win. No matter how hard you try, the scales tips slowly upwards as the weeks and months pass, and you get more and more unhappy your body and frustrated with yourself for not doing anything about it (fun fact – each year, the average person gains about 3kg of fat every_single_year!)

If you’ve tried a typical weight loss diet, you eat nothing but bland beige food and choke back foul tasting greeens so you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say:

What’s the point in trying to lose weight?

What’s the point in signing the rest of your life away to a punitive restriction regime where you have to weigh and measure every morsel of food that passes your lips when instead you could eat what you want and still lose weight. Maybe all that would be tolerable if you were seeing results. But you're not, because:

Most gym programs suck!

Nowadays it costs something like €300 to join a gym. You think you’re getting a bargain. You’re promised an hour long intro, but the gym instructor just drags you around the gym, scribbles some things down on a card and throws it you way. You think you’ve got a deal… then they launch into some speil about how you need to give them €60 per hour, 3 days a week for the next 12 weeks if you ever get in shape.

We've members in all shapes and sizes - we're definitely not just a gym for meat heads.

“That’s way too expensive”, you cry.

There’s free classes so you can just try those instead. It’s not much different right? There’s an instructor there who tells you what to do, other people sweating along and loud music and bright lights. Ya finish the class busted up in a pile of sweat, but after a few weeks of hitting up the classes and roaming around the rest of the gym like a lost sheep, never really knowing what you’re doing, you haven’t lost any weight, or built any muscle, so you start to wonder if they were right. Maybe the only way to get in shape is to spend €700 per month. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. At RevFit we’ve figured out a better way.

A System that lets you eat the foods you like, indulge in the odd Wine Wednesday, have fun in the gym and doesn’t break the bank.

Put Your Email In Here To Get Started

Once you've put your email in above, you'll be redirected to your personal training timetable page to book your first session. You won't be asked to pay anything or submit any card  details until you've been into the gym for a training session so you can see what we do.

Here's how it works:

We know that for most guys to get in shape, they need to be around 15% body fat when measured with a calipers. Girls need to be around 22/23%. That’s our primary goal. It also helps if you can squat your bodyweight, deadlift 1.5x bodyweight and bench around three quarters of your bodyweight.

On your first day of your two week kickstart, you come into RevFit for a 20 minute chat about your goals with your personal trainer. He’ll take some measurements, run a few calculations and see where your body fat and strength levels are at currently. We know its safe and sustainable to drop 0.75% bodyfat per week, so that lets us calculate exactly how much weight you need to lose each week and map it against your current weight to get a “timeline to goal” for you.

Then, it’s warm up time. Your trainer will take you through 5 mobility tests to make sure your ankles, hips, shoulders, core and back all work like they’re supposed to. If there’s a problem area, he’ll take 10-15 minutes to show you some exercises that will fix it over a 3 week period.

Our semi private training area, where you'll do most of your group workouts

For the last half hour of the session you’ll get to go through some squat, bench press and deadlift technique because they're the foundation of everything you should be doing in the gym. Depending on your level of experience, we’ll either take it real slow, or crank thru some advanced powerlifting principles. At the end of day one, you’ll have a precise timeline to goal, a weekly weight loss target, and all the tools you need to put your body back together.

Then the fun really begins…

During your initial personal training session we’ll show you how to use our app to log in and book your training sessions for the following week. You’ll be joining in with one of our semi private training groups. There’s evening and morning slots available every day, and you can change your times day to day to suit your schedule.

“Semi private” is exactly like it sounds – you follow a program designed by a personal trainer, but you do it in a group of 4-6 other people who have similar goals to you, and are at the same point on their fitness journey. Your personal trainer watches every session and helps correct your form and technique as you go, and tells you when to step up the weights, and when to back them off.

You show up to 3 of these sessions each week, and do something different each day so it’s never boring and your body never gets used to it. You’re not locked into regular training times or days – you can book whatever time you want each day using our custom built app. When you show up, your trainer will have you program ready for you.

As part of your 2 week kickstart, you’ll also get 2 Bootcamp by RevFit sessions each week. They’re high intensity fitness and fat loss circuit classes were you do a combo of bodyweight and kettlebell work which perfectly complements the strength training in the semi private sessions, and burns up to 800kcal an hour.

Becky, our bootcamp coach will spend the first 5-10 minutes of each class showing you the workout, getting you warmed up and answering any questions before spending the rest of the hour watching over you to make sure you’re kicking ass.

These guys look like they just had fun right?

After the first week you’ll already be feeling fitter and stronger. It’s amazing to think of all the people who say “I need to get fit first before I join a gym”. That’s all kinds of crazy because:

That’s the exact reason why you join a gym!

We customise your workout so that regardless of injury history, fitness level or experience, you get the exact training effect we’re looking for (get stronger, get fitter). Training is hard. There’s a lot that can go wrong with your strength, nutrition and fitness work. That’s why we lay everything out in a simple step by step, day by day, plan.

Assuming you have it to lose, you’re guaranteed with absolute certainty to lose 5kg in your first month and continue to lose weight and build muscle after that. Your strength and muscle mass will steadily increase each week. And you’ll be challenged to make every training session 1% better than the last.

The decision you’ll make to start a personal training program is not purely a financial one…

There’s an element of “can I afford it” involved, but there’s also a large “do I want to afford it” question hiding in plain sight. See if you went into Starbucks 5x per week, or had a pizza and a few beers on the weekend, you’d be at about the same amount as our personal trainer lead programs cost.

Your first day is completely free. We’ll take you through the personal training session mentioned up above at completely our risk. There’s no obligation to continue. If you decide to continue because you like what we offer, you'll be asked to set up a direct debit for 12 weeks @ €38.75 per week - it's simple to do, you just put your card details into the app you've already downloaded. That will cover all the personal training, gym membership and nutrition advice and coaching.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

But, if after the first session you’re still not 100% sure you want to continue, you can do a 2 week trial where you get 3 semi private training sessions and 2 Bootcamp by RevFit sessions each week for just €39 per week. Most of our clients quickly jump straight in with both feet after their initial personal training session onto a 12 week program, but some want to try us out a bit longer first. Either option is cool with us.

Here’s what you get when you start training with us:

  • · 3x semi private personal training sessions and 2x Bootcamp by RevFit sessions each week
  • Our 7 Day Detox Recipe Book
  • · A 20+ page nutrition bible prepared by Lovett Nutrition specially for RevFit members
  • · Access to our membership website where you can watch 10+ hours of seminars & webinars, download free extra workouts, use our nutrition calculators and shopping lists, and watch our training tutorial videos any time you want
  • · A BONUS gift of our Primal Eating For 30 Day Fat Loss cookbook, which normally costs €20
  • 1 free personal training session where we will help you set some goals, give you prehab work for any problem areas, show you how to lift weights safely and effectively and give you an exact timeline to your goal

This all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

The only catch is that you have to agree with us on the following commitment:

“I get that no matter how many times I train during the week, if I’m eating junk and taking the piss the other 95% of the time, I won’t make progress.

I agree I’ll try to overcome a lousy lifestyle and improve everything about myself.

I know I won’t get there tomorrow, but if I can just be 1% better each day I’ll will surprise myself with how much progress I make”

Each week we’ve space for 2-3 of these personal training introduction sessions. Booking them is easy – just put your email in the box below and you’ll be redirected to a webpage where you can book a spot directly in our calendar.

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm you spot.

The gym is on Ballyboggan Road in Glasnevin, our first evening class is at 5.15pm and our last one is at 8.15pm. We've 6.15am and 10am morning classes too. Along with Saturday sessions. All training sessions last no more than 60 minutes. Any questions, you can text us on 0858794307 or contact us through our website (if you want to have a chat that's cool too - just text and ask for a call back and we'll do it as soon as we're not with clients).

Put Your Email In Here To Get Started

Once you've put your email in above, you'll be redirected to your personal training timetable page to book your first session. You won't be asked to pay anything or submit any card  details until you've been into the gym for a training and like what we do.

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