July 14

Stronger, Leaner and Fitter in Just 3 Months


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When Hazel joined RevFit’s Femme Fatale Transformation program she was already in pretty good shape. Lean, athletic and fit. But like most girls there was hang ups around her body. She needed to change something but didn’t know what that was. And like most people, she also thought that meant no more having fun or going out (…not true, check out what she says below!!).

Fast forward 3 months and she’s [way] stronger, leaner and fitter. All her friends are commenting on the change in her body shape. People always say how surprised they are at how quickly they start to see results in RevFit – but really it’s quite simple.

Our program is designed to change bodies and lives, you only need to train 3x per week, and you still get to go out and enjoy yourself on weekend!!! Check out Hazel’s story below.




What changes have you noticed since you took part in the Femme Fatale Transformation Program?
Since starting 12 weeks ago, I have lost about 8lbs and have seen a huge change in overall body fat dropping 3%. I’ve improved my strength dramatically, lifting far heavier than I ever thought I could or had before. My overall feeling is more confident and less hung up on my body. It has improved my attitude and mentality massively and it gives me great focus and determination. Overall I am far happier with my appearance and get a real buzz from seeing the results. I feel stronger, leaner and fitter, and all this in 3 months!


What sorta impact has it had on your life? (…and do you still get to go out and enjoy yourself?)
I work Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm! I’m up very early everyday to drive to work and sit at a desk all day long! So basically I live for the weekends, and still do. The only difference now is that I’ve added training classes 3 days a week, which takes the thought and effort out of going to the gym. I’ve worked with James to improve my diet and learn more about how food can affect your results, but I haven’t had to sacrifice all the fun! I still go out at weekends, still eat out at restaurants. The only change I have made is to make healthier choices while doing this.


What made you bite the bullet and join?
More than ever I was starting to feel like I was losing a grip on my weight and my body shape. I had never had to put much thought into my weight but this changes as you get older. I was starting to feel a lot more self conscious, especially when I saw photos of myself. I was also feeling quite lazy which I didn’t like. Before starting at RevFit, I was a member of a gym but managed to dodge going more often then I actually went. All these things really drove me to look at a strength training programme where I could push myself outside my comfort zone, and figured it wouldn’t be as easy for me to ditch. Turns out I loved it and hate if I have to miss a class. You have a full programme set out so it takes the stress out of it, and it provides focus and variety.


What’s been your biggest success so far?
My biggest success so far is the weight and body fat loss that I have achieved. All my friends have commented that they can see a huge change in my shape and that I look leaner and stonger. I am most proud of the strength numbers I have worked up to over 12 weeks. It gives great satisfaction to see the numbers results, and it’s a great way to see that it actually works. I like that people are surprised at the weights I can lift now, and I have proved to them that lifting heavy weights doesn’t make you bulky, it makes you leaner!


What was your biggest fear prior to joining?
My biggest fear was walking into a gym with seriously fit people who had been doing this for years, with me not having a clue what I was doing. In fact, everyone is so focused on their own results and work out that you don’t even notice the other people. But every now and again you get a word of encouragement or a congrats from the person beside you which spurs you on. There is nothing to be scared of, you have to start somewhere, everyone does, and the earlier you start the sooner you will see results.

Any advice for people before they start?
The more you put into it, the more you get out.


You can find out all the little tips and tricks I told Hazel to help her turn things around and get rid of her hang ups by filling in the form here for your free fat loss coaching call  


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