August 5

Sacroilliac Joint Pain? Start Here.


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Sarah’s great craic. She loves making up names for things. She calls good mornings “morning glories” and her sacroilliac joint (SIJ) her STD joint.

She’s been having a bit of pain with it the last few days, and given that today was deadlift day it all came to a head.

So instead of pulling, we did a few releases and a few drills to help it out.

SIJ pain is very common. It’s LIKE back pain, but it’s not really. SIJ normally presents as pain down to one side of the lower back, mid way between the hip and tailbone, or perhaps slightly higher.

Sore where it’s red? It could be your sacroilliac joint.

It. Is. Ming’n.

And it can come on at any time.

Typically, if you’re not doing the right activation work before training (glutes and deep core) or lifting with bad positions due to weak muscle groups (round back deadlifts) you’re more likely to hurt.

The good news is sacroilliac pain is totally avoidable, and not too hard to fix either.

…”fix” in this case means to get some temporary relief from it.

Obviously if you’re concerned about it, you should get it checked out by a medical professional, but at some point you find yourself deep in the jungle miles from civilisation and need immediate relief, try these drills.

Start here if you’re having sacroilliac joint pain (just don’t do the deadlift at the end):

Then do this for 3 rounds:

And remember – I’m not always a pain in the ass. Sometimes I’m the solution to it.

PS – A few girls got in touch after yesterdays mail where we were talking about our ladies lifting program with some questions.

You can see info about the program here:

And our FAQ section here- it’s pretty comprehensive and will hopefully answer any Q you have. BUT if it doesn’t – just email me back 🙂


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