Join our next 12 week training plan to see why Powerlifting is the PERFECT way to transform your body without starving yourself

Powerlifting is the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I'm going to convince you why it kicks the ass off bodybuilding, cardio, diets for getting in shape

Powerlifting is the ideal sport for weak people. It’s the perfect sport for anyone who wants to build muscle, lose weight or tone up. That's true if you've never trained before, or are best buds with the squat rack already. 

If you’re a girl looking to tone up her legs, bum and arms – it’s as if it was designed just for you. And if you're a guy who wants a thicker chest and chunkier arms, you're laughing.  Here’s why...

Powerlifting is better than any other way of training that you’ve ever tried. Seriously.

Over the next 12 weeks at RevFit you're going to train like a real powerlifter (even if you've never stepped into a gym before) - we're gonna teach you everything you need to know about lifting weights and getting stronger. And we'll end up showing you why hanging out in the gym and smashing out workouts is actually SERIOUS fun.

The reason why powerlifting is such a powerful vehicle for change is because its performance orientated

If you're like most people you head to the gym and just drift thru workouts. Ya might jump on the treadmill today, lift some dumbbells tomorrow and do a few sets of squats next week, but you do it all without any real plan. You just do whatever you feel like. Your goal is almost as vague as your workout plan - "get stronger" or "get in shape".

Problem is... if you don't know where you are NOW, how will you know if you've made progress or not? Tracking it is surprisingly simple - you need to do a strength test, and a body composition measurement test. And that's exactly what you'll do one Day 1 with us.

If you're skinny and need to bulk up, powerlifting is PERFECT.

Relax, you don’t have to be strong or in shape to start powerlifting

I always laugh when people say "I want to get a bit stronger first". WTF do you think powerlifting is designed to do? If you want to get strong enough to try powerlifting... TRY POWERLIFTING! 

Amy, one of the girls we’ve trained recently tripled her squat over a 18 month period. She wasn't even able to squat an empty bar when she started - she was using a 12kg KB. Now, at a recent competition, she's squatted over 75kg.

While doing that she's lost weight, toned up and improved the strength of every major muscle in her body!!

Powerlifting is one of the safest training methodologies ever created

You might think weightlifting machines are the safest way to train - what you don’t see is the long term cumulative damage they’re having. They were never designed for you. They were never designed for YOUR body. You’re being forced to do what the machines wants you to do (hello Skynet!). Lead the resistance with Powerlifting using free weights - barbells, dumbbells etc etc which allow your body to move naturally. Every session is coached by our personal training team so you'll know exactly what you're doing and have someone there to answer questions every session.

Powerlifting is 4 times safer than running

That’s a real fact – injuries in sport are measured per 1,000 participant hours of training. Powerlifting comes in @ 0.8 to 4.4 injuries per 1,000 hours. Running tops out at 2.5-12.1 injuries per 1,000 hours. Contrary to what you might have heard, strength training, and powerlifting in particular, is THE best way to strengthen your back and joints.

You'll Start To Get Stronger Right Away

In just a couple of weeks, you’ll notice your strength starts to rapidly increase as your muscles get used to training. The more inexperienced you are, the faster it will happen. During your first 6-8 weeks of training you should be 20-30% stronger. And if your only goal is to get in shape, that’s great news – because it means your muscles are adapting too. If you’re weak or skinny and need to gain weight, we’ll get you to eat a bulking diet so you can build muscle. 

That's me (James) in both photos. Both were taking when I was strength training - but in one I was eating like crap.

You Don't Need Hours of Long Boring Cardio To Lose Weight

You might think the easiest way to get in shape it to starve yourself and do high intensity classes and sprints until the fat falls off. But you’d be mistaken because if you don’t build muscle (as a guy) or tone up (as a girl) as you lose fat, you'll just look like a saggy version of your current self that takes up less space. You NEED muscle to look like a sports model or Tom Hardy. Even Brad Pitt in Fight Club was carrying a bit of muscle. Otherwise, you might look ok in your clothes, but once they come off, your shameful secret will be revealed.

You need to eat a nutrient dense diet full of healthy carbs and good quality fats to build muscle and lose fat, and we’ll help you with that too

Once you eat the right food, you will gain muscle and fill out fast. If you’re a girl - we’ll work with you on your nutrition to make sure you tone up or lose weight. We even have 2 or 3 girls who joined just because there were too skinny and wanted to gain weight. Their results so far have been fantastic.

Sarah is super happy because she just got a deadlift personal record!

You Could Go And Do It Yourself, But Is It Worth The Risk?

Strength training is funny... you can get started relatively easily and see progress for a few weeks, maybe even a month or two until you hit a massive plateau that you don't overcome for months, maybe years.

When you don't know what you're doing and jump from program to program downloading them as you go online, it's only a matter of time before you run into a brick wall. Picking random programs off the internet might seem like a good idea, but unless they're part of a broader long term plan, eventually you'll end up overtrained, pissed off and probably injured. Then all that money you thought you saved by not investing in a trainer rapidly disappears into your physio's bank account.

At RevFit, you’ll have a personal trainer with you during every session to show you what to do and make sure you’re doing it correctly

And because you're working your full body in every session, you'll end up evenly developed all over.

Our semi private training area, where you'll do most of your powerlifting workouts

This all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

The only catch is that you have to agree with us on the following commitment:

" I get that I have to invest my time and effort to get the best results. If I'm lazy with the foods I eat, or fail to bring the thunder during training sessions, I won't be happy with my results”

If you've read this far, I know you're interested.

By now, you've a decision to make - are you serious enough to get started, or are you going to do what too many others do - worry about time, not having enough info, or think you need to find out "just one more thing" before you take the next step.

There is no secret sauce, and there's no magic ingredient. The missing link for you is probably:

Hard Work and Action

Even if it all goes wrong and we're full of sh*t, you'll end up thinking "ok well I blew €38.75/week for 12 weeks on a training program and it didn't work". And that's the worst case scenario. 

But what's the best case scenario? You'll make some new friends, see serious progress in your squat, bench press and deadlift, look awesome in and out of clothes, and lose some inches off your stomach and put them onto your chest / arms (girls - you'll get more ass - that's pretty awesome right?).

And even at that - if you do "fail", you're fully protected. If you don't learn anything, or don't see yourself getting in better shape within a month of starting, you get your money back. In all our time operating, we've only ever had to do that once. 

The cost of the program isn't holding you back. The fear of failure is. It's time to invest in yourself if you ever want to overcome the dreaded "some day" disease.

Here’s what you get when you start training with us:

  • 3x strength training sessions where you'll get to train with our coaches and powerlifting team, and have our programming customised to any injuries, problems or weak points you have
  • 2x Bootcamp by RevFit sessions per week if you want to add in cardio / fat loss / work capacity training - some of our powerlifters use this to increase their fitness so they can get more quality work done during training sessions
  • Monthly technique workshops on various different weightlifting and powerlifting topics like how to use kettlebells, ways to improve your mobility, and advanced squat/bench/dead tekkers too
  • The first Monday of every month - a group Q&A call with Eamonn from Lovett Nutrition where he'll answer any questions you have about the foods you should be eating, or what you need to change in your diet to get better results
  • · A 20+ page nutrition bible prepared by Lovett Nutrition specially for RevFit members
  • · Access to our membership website where you can watch 10+ hours of seminars & webinars, download free extra workouts, use our nutrition calculators and shopping lists, and watch our training tutorial videos any time you want
  • · A BONUS gift of our Primal Eating For 30 Day Fat Loss cookbook, which normally costs €20
  • 1 free personal training session where we will help you set some goals, give you prehab work for any problem areas, show you how to lift weights safely and effectively and give you an exact timeline to your goal
  • And on the third Saturday of every month at 1140am Lovett Nutrition comes in to help you review body composition measurements, and any food journal which you keep so that you know twice a month a dedicated nutrition professional will be in to help ON TOP OF our daily support and motivation too

Considering all you get, the investment is relatively modest - €38.75 per week for 12 weeks. You couldn't even get one personal training session with us for twice that price.

What's Next?

Getting started is real simple - it doesn't even require you to pay anything or enter card details anywhere. You just book a free introductory training session with us. There's no hard sales, no pressure tactics - I've already told you how much it's going to cost, and how long we need you to give us an initial commitment for.

The next  12 week phase of training kicks off Monday 28th March. We'll be holding 2 introductory training sessions that week for new members, but if you sign up today you can get started right away. Booking is easy – just put your email in the box below and you’ll be redirected to a webpage where you can book a spot directly in our calendar.

The gym is on Ballyboggan Road in Glasnevin, our first evening class is at 5.15pm and our last one is at 8.15pm. We've 6.15am and 10am morning classes too. Along with Saturday sessions. Powerlifting sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes. Any questions, you can call us on 0858794307 or contact us through our website.

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