November 28

Periodise Your Life


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I’ve been threatening to write a blog about life for a while. One not specifically about training. Nor about nutrition.. Nor about work / career.

So a blog post about nothing in particular. 

But one that is really about all of those things.

It’s not the first time someone’s written something like this.

I remember a while back reading a post from Dave Tate called “It’s Either Blast or Dust”, or words to that effect.

And there was an article years and years ago in Mountain Biking UK about a famous rider who died in a motorbike accident who wanted to “burn up, not fade away”.

Kurt Cobain said much the same.

I never really understood them, until recently.

What could drive someone to either be fully on, or fully off? And how could you even be fully on with everything all the time.



See any trainer worth their salt knows about the concept of periodisation – devoting blocks of time to working on specific qualities. 6 weeks of muscle building, 6 weeks of strength, 4 weeks of power training, 2 weeks of work capacity, and repeat…

Most sports people know about puking their guts up on the side of the field during the horrors of pre-season training.

And EVERYONE knows that schools and colleges only operate for 7-9 months of the year.

Why is that?

Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to give 100% focus and dedication to something non-stop forever, without burning out in some way, shape or form.

It’s the same reason why I tell people strength training year around is stupid. You need prep phases, accumulation phases and muscle building phases. Most people completely ignore the first 2 to their detriment. That’s why I put together a 6 week accumulation strength plan a while back. You can download it right here:

>> Free Alpha Strength Program Download << 

But [and this is the thing that gets me too!] people always seem to try go 100% all the time everyday when it comes to work, business and other areas of their life (…like drinking!!).

See I have this theory about my life – I’m only able to devote 100% attention of my effort and attention to AT MOST 2 things for about 4 to 8 weeks at a time. Once I hit the upper end of that range I start to burn out and lose motivation.

During September, that was building the Glasnevin Ladies Strength and Conditioning Gym.

In October/November, it was KILLING IT in my own training and smash dudes in RevFit Drumcondra.


For December it’s going to be nothing other than creating paradigm shattering content for the Alpha Strength Challenge online program. 24 weeks of real, tested and proven training that’s taken guys from 120kg squats to 160+, from 110kg benches to 125+, and deadlifts from 140/150 to over and above 190kg.

All the while, getting manly as fuck too – leaner, more muscle, more confidence.

jamesrevfit_rev 2

I’ve already started putting together the weekly webinars, the 24 weeks of training, the 4 different nutrition protocols, weekly sprint and mobility routines, comprehensive instructional vids AND weekly articles downloads.

But holy hell it is KILLING me. I can barely keep from nodding off right now as I write this.

It’s been A LONG time coming, and the reason it’s only getting done now is because I wanted it to be the absolute pinnacle of everything I’ve done so far. I wanted it to be SO good that people felt like they were ripping me off for the price they pay.

I knew just how much was going to go into it, and I knew it had to be PERFECT first time out. I made a commitment right from the very start that I never wanted to have to redo it, so I was always going to get it beyond right the first time.

That meant going out and spending a couple of grand on camera and audio equipment, editing software and a killer membership site – but done once perfect is better than a few half arsed attempts.

Now, it means spending 48 hours non stop shooting and editing videos and content.

It means a 20-30 minute instructional video on each of the squat, bench and deadlift, and how to do them correctly and safely.

And it means probably 50+ videos of other movements. From different angles, with different lighting set ups.

It meant getting all the graphic stuff professionally designed.

And the intro videos done by a complete pimp.


But ya know what? When I look back on it next month, and in 6 months time, it’ll all be worth it.

I KNOW it’s going to be the best membership site in the world for average dudes who want to get bigger and stronger. It’s really for guys who’d call themselves “intermediate”, but it’ll help beginners get stronger faster than they ever thought possible too.

If you’ve been stuck on plateaus for months and sometimes years it’ll freak you out how easily you blast thru them following the methods outlined (one of the lads who followed this program thought he’d never squat more than 130kg cos he’d been stuck there for years, until he hit 170+kg less than 6 months later with me).

It’s not ready yet, but it’s launching mid December, and you can get on the early notification list, and pick up a free sample 6 week plan here: 

>> Free Alpha Strength Program Download << 

…And guess what. After putting so much time, effort, energy and emotional investment into The Alpha Strength Challenge… my own training has gone to shit.

I was beating myself up over it for a week or two because it had been going so well (I hit an all time no belt high bar back squat PR of 225kg 10 days ago). But then I realised I really had to focus on periodising my life. I reminded myself that at any point in time, I can focus on 1 or 2 things and do an amazing job at them, or half ass 5+ things and not really get anything done.

I don’t know about you – but I sure as hell only ever want to commit to doing stuff where I really live up to my potential.

So here’s to living up to your potential as a person, as an athlete, as a business person, and as a friend / boyfriend.


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