September 14

OMG – I forgot to email!

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The eagle eyed ones of you out there might have noticed I forgot to email yesterday.

I’d say it broke a chain of a couple of months of daily emails Monday – Friday where I didn’t miss any. I was kinda pissed off when I realised late last night, but I’d good reason.

Yesterday was Sarah’s birthday – so during the time I would normally write the mail, I was cooking her breakfast (pancakes / bacon / sausage – in case you were wondering).

Then, in the evening when I sometimes play catch up, I got so into modifying programs for people that the day got away from me and by the time I realised it was too late.

…and now i’m here. Telling you the story.

The hammer and the Clock
The program modification work is something I take great pride in.

We always have people in RevFit who are broken in their own unique way, or have some sort of specialist goals.

Take Ian for example – he’s spent the last few months dieting and leaning out, tracked everything like a complete BOSS and finished up at like 8-9% body fat. In other words – very very lean. The next step for Ian is to get much much bigger now that he’s more insulin sensitive and starting from a good place body comp wise.

So he has his own special bulking plan to follow.

Or James, one of the RevFit OGs. He has a bit of a hip problem, and he knows he’s gonna miss some training over the next while too with work projects. So we’ve created a special bench / deadlift program for him for the next 10 weeks and account for more work on days he does train, so the days he misses won’t be so bad.

And then there’s Laura, with a back and shoulder problem on the go, we needed to change a lot of the programming for her – but the thing with Laura is she’s been training with us donkey’s years now, and keeps showing up and killing workouts, so whatever we need to do to make sure she keeps making progress – we will.

It was the same with Paul, Tony and loads more over the last few months – we just keep changing things until they work.

These guys all have a long term track record with us of doing one very important thing – showing up and doing the work.

So that’s why my day got away from me.

And then this morning I wanted to make a video for you before I sent out anything else, so that’s why THIS mail is late.

The video talks a bit about our 6 week transformation and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

It covers how to lose weight fast and NOT regain it.

I talk about the pros and cons of strict dieting versus an IIFYM approach.

And I outline the training split you should be using to lose fat and tone up.

Check it out here;

This is the VERY LAST TIME I’ll be talking about it so email me on today if you want to get started.

TL;DR – sarah’s birthday, modified programs, forgot to email, watch this video



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