August 12

Losers Focus On Winners


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The internet exploded the other day after a picture of Michael Phelps appeared with the text “winners focus on winning, losers focus on winner”.

If you haven’t seen the pic yet, you can see it below – it shows Chad Le Clos being a “loser”. Yup. An olympic champion is a loser.

You’re either in one of two camps with that pic…

  • You agree 100%, because you’re a winner too
  • You point out how stupid it is to say one of the best swimmers in the world is a loser, because you’re a contrarian and just wanna troll people.


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Sometimes, it really feels like I’m the only one with half a brain in my head, because if either side REALLY believe the other, they’re the bigger fool.

Since when did everyone start taking things so literally? Can we not just enjoy the SPIRIT of the message?

The ones who achieve their goals tend to be the people who focus on getting there, the ones that do not are usually too worried about what everyone else is doing to make it happen.

We see it in our fat loss clients all the time – the ones who make the biggest changes (losing 25+kg over 6 months is not that uncommon) show up, follow the plan we set and get results.

Some will ask about why they’re doing what they’re doing – and we’re always happy to explain. Some of the methods we use are unconventional, but there’s always a reason behind.


The ones that fail to get results focus on everything and anything other gyms / online programs / friends are doing. Instead of just showing up and following a proven plan (…which they pay good money for by the way) – they want to construct their own mongrelised plan from a load of shite cobbled together off the internet.

No carb, 2 a day training with hill sprints for the win.

Why not… Low carb is good. Double days burn more kcals. And sprints preserve muscle mass while losing fat right?

Let’s just ramp them all together.

We’ll red line the engine without putting and fuel or oil in. Why not!


Look, I’m not gonna  bash on  about this. It should be obvious by now. And if it’s not – there’s probably no hope for you.

#1 Find a plan that works. A single plan. Not parts of a load of plans.

#2 Follow that plan like you’d follow a road map. You might miss a few turns, but once you’re doing in mostly the right direction, you’re laughing.

#3 Assess. If the plan is NOT working – assess whether you’re actually following it (you’re normally not) or whether the plan sucks

(if the plan has worked consistently for others, the plan is probably not the problem)

There’s just one space left for our Ladies Barbell Strength Training Workshop this Sunday. During it, we’ll be sharing the exact plan we’ve been using to help ladies lift weights they never thought would budge, and get more confident than a drunk teenager.

…but before you do that, I want to give you another reason;

As a special little sweetener, if you sign up today, you can come train in RevFit for a week afterwards on us and get 3 group coached personal training sessions, and 2 bootcamp workouts to really lock in the lessons you’ve learned!

…and I’ll even give you one more;

Tomorrow (saturday @ 1130am) we’re running a “back to basics” nutrition seminar with our in-house nutritionist from Lovett Nutrition. 

By the end of the workshop you’ll understand the importance of;

– Energy balance (food in v exercise out)
– Macronutrient intake (how much protein / carbs / fat you should eat)
– Meal timing and frequency (will skipping breakfast and eating late at night make you fat?)
– What supplements to use, and what to avoid

The ONLY reason I can think of as to why you wouldn’t come is that you’re not in country on Sunday morning – because if you’ve been thinking about trying to learn how to lift weights, or join a gym, and you don’t take advantage of this you are absolutely insane!

More info here:

And you can book your spot for just €70 here:

See you Sunday!


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