July 14

Leah dropped a stone and a dress size, and has never felt better.


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“I used to hide behind baggy shapeless tops to hide my figure, now I don’t feel like I have to!” – there’s always some sort of turning point for people when they start training on the RevFit Femme Fatale Transformation system. That was Leah’s.

I still remember my first chat with her and (….I’m sure she’ll agree) she was very nervous about starting. She’d never lifted weights and was afraid she’d injure herself, but now she has more energy, has lost a full stone in weight (and kept it off) and still gets to go out and enjoy dinner and drinks with her friends at the weekend.

….and is totally confident with lifting weights now.




What changes have you noticed since you took part in the Femme Fatale Transformation Program?
I joined RevFit in January as I over indulged at Xmas like most of us do and needed to get into some sort of shape! I had tried loads of different things before like bootcamp, Zumba and spinning but nothing really could shift the weight! So I went in to RevFit optimistic but wasn’t sure what to expect! Fast forward six months later and I’ve dropped a dress size and a stone in weight and have never felt better! With RevFit you can visibly see your progress through your shape changing and your strength increasing! I feel a lot more body confident and that is down to the support that RevFit provides me every time I go to class!


What sorta impact has it had on your life? (…and do you still get to go out and enjoy yourself?)
The great thing about RevFit is that you can have your cake and eat it too! Obviously everything in moderation but I can go out with my friends at the weekend and not feel like I am undoing all the work, it’s a marathon not a sprint! RevFit provides all the nutritional advice and if you feel like you have fallen off the horse they will help you back up on it again!


What made you bite the bullet and join?
The top thing was my clothes – I hid behind baggy shapeless tops to hide my figure now I don’t feel like I have to do that! 

Another reason was I was lacking in energy all the time even if I wasn’t doing anything! It is tough at the start but having the determination and drive you will see the benefits and have 10 times more energy than ever! 

The other thing was not having a physical goal – I didn’t know how to track my progress while with RevFit I knew I could track it and visibly see how far I’ve come keeping my motivation high!


What’s been your biggest success so far?
My biggest success is having lost a stone and keeping it off – I can enjoy dinner and drinks with my friends at the weekend and still continue to lose weight! That is no easy feat!


What was your biggest fear prior to joining?
I never knew how to use weights before and I was afraid I would injure myself so I was quite nervous when using the bar for the first time. However with the coaching from the RevFit team I am now fully confident to squat, bench and deadlift with the bar!

Any advice for people before they start?
I would say go in with a positive attitude and determination. The first step is the hardest but coming to RevFit is the right step! Confide in the RevFit team of what you want to achieve and they will help you reach your goals! Good luck and enjoy your journey!


You can find out all the little tips and tricks we showed Leah so that she doesn’t have to hide behind baggy clothes anymore by filling in the form here for your free fat loss coaching call  


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