James' Training - Week 20 - Personal Trainer Dublin

James’ Training – Week 20


General rule for my deloads is 50% drop in volume, 25% reduction in intensity.


A) Bench:
60kg x5
80kg x4
100kg 2×4

B) Squat (high bar):
100kg x4
130kg 4×4

C) Bench:
60kg x4
85kg 3×4

D) 2x Pause Deadlift:
140kg 3×2

Not counting NBL or any of that stuff because… well it’s fuck all.

Feeling very beat up this morning tho. Glad it’s a deload 🙂


A) Deficit Deads
140kg 3×2

B) Bench
100kg x4
115kg 2×3

C) Block Pulls
140kg x5
160kg x3
180kg 3×3

D) 3030 Squat (high bar)
60kg x3
90kg 2×5

Again, nothing to say. It’s a deload.

DAY 3 -whoops

A) Squat:
60kg x5
100kg x4
140kg x3
160kg x1
180kg x1 – toes elevated to here
200kg x1 – belt on
220kg x3
230kg x1
240kg x1
B) Bench:
80kg x5
100kg x3
120kg x2
140kg x1
147.5kg x1
155kg x1

…whoops. Felt good and wanted to work up for a small confidence booster session ahead of the peak.

Bummed with the 240×1 since the 220×3 and 230×1 moved so well. Numbers off those estimated 250kg. Lost shape with 240 as you’ll see in the vid.

Bench felt pretty crueddy. Not massively confident of 160kg at this point. Will do 6 weeks of upper back work to see if  I can save it.

Some training lifts:




A) Toes Elevated HBBS:
60kg x4
100kg x4
140kg 2×4

B) Deadlift:
140kg 3×4

C) Bench:
60kg x5
80kg x4
100kg x3
120kg 2×2

Upper back work;
– Y raise 5kg 4×12
– Face down 90deg raise 5kg 4×12
– Pull aparts black 5×20

Not much to say there. Just a session done to get a session done.

Deload finished.

12 pubs tonight.


Bodyweight at 100kg.

Target for this comp is to get a top 10 wilks score. That means I need approx. 695 @ 98kg.

Breakdown of 250/160/290 would be a perfect day.

Attempts looking like;


…that’s all assuming I didn’t peak early and fall off the back of a cliff now.

Peak starts next week.

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