November 15

Is my “insert muscle group here” weak?


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Is my “insert muscle group here” weak? That’s one I hear all the time when it comes to missing lifts.

Like when ya miss a squat out of the hole, bench off your chest or deadlift around your knees, the natural question is “what muscle group is to blame here?”

I googled "bro lift", and this was the first one that came up.
I googled “bro lift”, and this was the first one that came up.

I’ve got some bad news for you.

If you missed a bench off your chest, your chest isn’t weak. Your bench is.

For the most part, you’re just gonna miss your bench presses there. You always have, and you probably always will.

Miss a squat just above parallel on the way back up? It’s not your glutes or quads. It’s your natural sticking point.

Deadlift stuck to the floor or not getting passed mid shin? Unlucky bromie. That’s life.

See for the most part, once you’ve spent a bit of time under the bar and developed your technique, your sticking / miss points are gonna remain relatively fixed.

They may move an inch or three, but where you’re missing lifts now is probably where you’ll continue to miss them.

Will a stronger chest help your bench? For sure.

Just like stronger quads will help your squat, and bigger meatier hammies will drive your deadlift.

But they won’t eliminate failure.


The best and worst part about strength work is that eventually, gravity will always win.

Instead of asking “how do I bring up my chest to make my bench better?”, think more along the lines of “what movements can I use like a bench press to improve the lift”.

..because like it or not – your body works as a unit, and if you’re constantly chasing weak points, you’ll never get even development over time.

Pick lift variations you hate, kill them with volume.

See where you’re at.

Pick other lift variations you, kill them with volume and intensity.

See where you’e at.

Keep repeating until you get too strong.

[spoiler] you’ll never get too strong, so enjoy the ride [/spoiler]

If you want some help, you can sign up for a free personal training session and week of training here: We’ll tell you a bit more about our strength program and powerlifting team then too.


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