August 10

How Not To Be Basic


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You know when you should have seen coming from miles off, but either thru willful ignorance, or convincing yourself to hope for the best, you don’t?

I get that feeling weekly. Sometimes daily. This might seem like a rant, but there’s an important lesson for you at the end.d

See we do a lot of “free” stuff in RevFit.

Like we do a free personal training intro session for anyone starting off with us which they can book at a time convenient to themselves.

(it’s not a sales pitch – we legitimately spent 70-90 minutes doing a movement screen, corrections and technical coaching)
A disappointingly large number of the people who book those 6 available slots each week fail to show up. Worse, they don’t even respond when we try to confirm with them – so we’re left hanging since we don’t know if they’re in or out.

Worse than that are the ones who confirm and then back out a few hours before. I get it, life can get in the way sometimes, but with the regularity it happens with for us means we either have the most unlucky people in the world coming to train with us, or they’re talking pony.

It’s insanely frustrating on our end because it costs us a fortune in lost coaching hours and, worse, it means someone else who would have shown up didn’t get to book the spot.

So, you might expect that when we run an free open week and invite lots of people along, the problem would be amplified.

That makes sense right?

…but for some reason it hasn’t played out that way. I really don’t know WHY almost everyone that made the commitment has shown up, but they have. That says a lot about how much class they have.

There’s been a few that have put off their intro, sometimes multiple times (again – costing someone else a spot) and suggested maybe they could give their spot to someone else.

…half way thru the free open week, 5 days after we did the first session.

Sense – none is being made.


Here’s the important thing for every single person who reads this to remember – almost no body you meet is inherently bad or disruptive. They don’t set out to ruin your day.

It’s hard for me (aka YOU) to get over the frustration of being let down and the cost that’s incurred, buuuuuuuuuuut:

Put yourself aside for a moment – if you feel bad about it, imagine the conversation that must be going on inside the other persons head?!

If you accept (which I do) that people who sign up in the first instance generally want to take part in a training program and aren’t just filling in the forms for shits and gigglies, it’ll give you a whole new insight into what’s going on.

They just can’t get past fear and uncertainty.

fitness basic
It’s the same in whatever industry you operate in, or the company you work for. Sure, there’s some malevolent motherfuckers out there, but most people are sound, on some level.

But when confronted with something that challenges their comfort zone, even after the small micro commitment of a first step, they will find 101 reasons why they can back out and not follow thru.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with fear.

I bet it happens you lots, and you’ve probably never even noticed it.

So look, here’s the thing – if you saw our ladies lifting workshop post yesterday, and clicked the link – you’ve demonstrated to yourself that you’re at least a little bit interested.

I bet there’s 100 excuses you made as to why you couldn’t come on Sunday.

Maybe it’s too short notice, or you didn’t want to lose a day, or you’ve blah blah blah to do.

There’s one reason why you should come though – you’ll never find a beginners workshop where you’ll receive the same level of compassion, kindness and understanding off the coaches.

(that’s without mentioning the high standard of coaching and how much you’ll learn)

So look, I won’t tell you to “man up” or “strap on the big girl pants”.

All I’ll say is – take a chance on yourself, give it a go, sign up for one of the last two spots, come along, have some fun, and give yourself a big fucking pat on the back for overcoming that little devil on your shoulder that wants to keep you flat and unhappy.

Any Qs – just holla on


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