August 2

Have You Got What It Takes?


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Trainers and people who study training often fall into this nasty trap. I call it the;

“Ya can’t do that!!” conundrum.

See the more educated you get, the dumber your “grunt brain” gets. Your inner grunt is that thing which keeps you going when times are hard.

When the lactate is building, the sweat is pooling and every fibre of your being is screaming “please stop, no more, I can’t handle it”.

You could call it the pain barrier.

Michael broke thru his today.

You can hear me talk about it in the video below now, or scroll down to read the rest of the blog post.


See in theory, the workout Michael did today in 45 minutes isn’t doable. He’s a reasonably strong, well trained dude who shouldn’t be able to keep his work output so high for so long.

But he did.

Know why?

Because he didn’t know any better.

I never told him it wasn’t possible.

I didn’t tell him 85% for 4 sets of 3 trisetted with band pull a parts and split squats wasn’t doable.

I just told him to go do it. And he did.

Hell when he was doing the workout, I was looking at it going “there’s no way this is possible!!!”.

I’d fallen into the very trap I’m warning you about now.

Sports science, theory and all of that BS is great. It’s been a very important part of our training evolution. But every now and again you just need to throw down and go hard as a motherfucker.

What was the workout like?

Lemme tell you about it in full;

A1) Bench: 85% 3×3, 1×3+
A2) Band Pull Aparts: 4×10
A3) Split Squats: 4×10 each side
*30s rest and repeat

B) Close Grip Paused Bench Press: 60% 4×8

C1) Barbell Overhead Press 3x45s
C2) Split Squats 3x45s each side
*15s between sets

D1) Floor Press: 70% x6
D2) Sumo Stance KB Stiff Leg Deads: x8
*6 rounds

E1) Seated Dumbbell Powercleans: 5kg DBs x15
E2) Band Pushdowns: x10
*4 rounds

Could you do that in 45 minutes?

It amazes me again and again how much volume my dudes can handle. And I really think it’s cos they don’t know any better. If it’s on the board, it must be doable right? James said so.

So that’s the secret out, I train a bunch of guys and girls with over developed Grunt Brains. And I’m damn proud of each and every one of them.

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