August 3

Good News – They’re Back. The World’s Best Ready Made Meal.


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You may remember a while ago I was telling you about these magical curry pots that Muscle Food make. I happened upon them randomly one day in Supervalu Rathborne where they were on promo and did a big post about them on my insta-story.

(not before I bought like 20 of the pots tho)

Unsurprisingly, as soon as I posted about them, they sold out almost immediately leaving only the shitty tikka masala ones behind (which I despise for 2 reasons – they have mushrooms, which is bad enough given that it’s one of my most hated foods, but they also have broccoli in them – my other most hated food. What a waste!!).​​​​

I dunno about you, but I still struggle to get meal prep done. I slow cooked 2kg of chicken the other day and have it with various deli salad pots, but the regularity at which I prep meals leaves a lot to be desired.

And once I get hungry – all bets are off. I’ll eat whatever you put in front of me, and if it’s high in sugar – even better.

Once I get hungry, I have ZERO self control. Or self discipline, or willpower, or whatever they’re calling it these days.

So the trick for me is to try my best to avoid situations like that where I won’t be able to beat temptation.
As a result, these curry pots are literally the perfect meal for me as they have a decent chunk of calories, are high in protein, taste fantastic and can be prepped in just the microwave.

The macro breakdown is;

calories – 459
protein – 42.4g
carbs – 30.8g
fats – ​​​​​​​​17.5g

And they’re actually reasonably tasty too.

Last week I managed to secure 3 big boxes of the meals thru… back channels… which I have access to. They haven’t quite made their way to me yet, so you can imagine my delight when I went into Supervalu today and found they were back in stock.
I got a couple to see me thru the day, but as I write this note – I realise it was too little too late. I skipped breakfast, had a meager lunch, a couple of snacks (including a protein bar and protein milks) and come 4pm I was RAVENOUSLY hungry.

I’m just finished one of the curry pots and I’m still hungry enough to eat a horse and chase the jockey. God only knows what happens when I leave the gym this evening.

I am dieting at the moment, and since today is a rest day, I only have approx. 2700kcals (which is a BIG come down from 3500-3800 daily like I had last week). There’s a chance the kcals are just too low for me right now, but we’ll see over the comings days and weeks what happens with my body weight.

It would be foolish of me to expect to lose fat without experiencing some hunger, but right now this feels like a little TOO much… But I’m sure the guys at The Fit Clinic will adjust as necessary.

Anyway. That’s that.

I really like those muscle food meals. I wasn’t paid to say that. But if muscle food want to sent a few crates my way, I won’t say no.​​​​


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