Raw beginners in the gym need a different approach to seasoned pros. You need more personal attention, and not to be thrown to the wolves on the gym floor in a sea of treadmills and machines. This is especially true if you're not an already active 20something. The older you get the more your health and fitness become a priority, but figuring out how to start can be tough right?

When surveyed, our members number 1 response about their biggest fear joining a gym was that they wouldn't know what to do, and that they were afraid of asking stupid questions. I understand that one, but when one of the survey responses came back saying that one of the guys only started because his friend trained here, and would have considered RevFit too intimidating an environment otherwise... I was SHOCKED

On reflection, I understand how barbells, squat racks and music = "hardcore gym" to most people, but we're not like that at all. Sure, we have some exceptionally strong guys and girls training here, but they're all remarkably sound too. From the day I first opened the doors of RevFit in August 2012 I wanted it to be Dublin's most beginner friendly gym, with a team of expert coaches who could teach "normal" people how to fall in love with lifting weights and getting stronger just like we have.

It's out of that which The RevFit Fundamentals Program was born. A very small training group of no more than 4 people, guys and girls, who had little or no experience lifting weights but wanted to learn in the safest and quickest manner. Like all our training programs it has a proven track record of getting results. You can see that below - but I don't want to talk about that yet. I want to talk about our failures first.

Yes, our failures. We have them. Every gym does. But not every gym OWNS them. See any time a client fails to get results we learn a lesson. Something we need to do better, or a new system we need to bring in guarantee results for our next block of guys or girls. That's why 18 months ago, all we offered was 3 training sessions and a generic meal plan. Lots of people got results, but some didn't.

Then we added in some extra "do it yourself" cardio sessions and customized nutrition plans - our hit rate improved. But still, there were failures.

Then we started to pick up a lot of clients in their late 20s, 30s and early 40s who were nervous about lifting weights and getting strong because they were afraid they'd get hurt or wouldn't be able to keep up. So we developed a new fundamentals program, the one you're reading about right now.

Now, we have everything and EVERYONE we need on staff at RevFit to guarantee results to everyone who can get them. That's...

Guys & Girls in their 20s...

Guys & Girls in their 30s...

Guys & Girls in their 40s & 50s...

We have a team of personal trainers, a nutrition coach, and a bootcamp instructor. We even have a motivation and goal setting coach as part of the RevFit team to make sure your mindset is right. While we can't do it for you, we've removed every conceivable road block so you can do it yourself. We'll be there to hold your hand session by session for the entire month so you can sure you're always doing things the right way.

Here's what you get as part of the fundamentals program, and here's how we do it:

  • 3x 75 minute fundamentals training sessions each week with your personal trainer and transformation coach to teach you how to warm up, lift weights the correct way, build up your shoulders, chest, arms and back, and cool down so you're not TOO sore the next day
  • 2x optional bootcamp classes each week to improve fitness and shed unwanted fat from your stomach, chest and back 
  • An easy to follow nutrition plan full of quick, simple to prepare meals
  • Fully customised training program (if needed) to work around any injuries, or back / knee / shoulder problems.
  • A comprehensive catalogue of online nutrition webinars for your review, so that along with our 20+ page nutrition plan and recipe books, you won't just lose fat and gain muscle - you'll know HOW to do it so you can keep the results going long after you've left us

Our fundamentals classes run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 630pm, and Saturday mornings at 930am.

RevFit is on Ballyboggan Road in Glasnevin, so if you live or work anywhere near Drumcondra, Glasnevin, Finglas, Castleknock, Blanchardstown, Carba, North Dublin City, Swords or Fairview - we're really close. Some of our members even come as far as Lexilip, Lucan and the South City to train with us.

Total investment in the program is €197 for up to 23 hours worth of training sessions over the course of the month - just €8.50 per hour. Over the next month, you'll find something to spend €197 on. If you're anything like me and most other people, your bank account will net out close to zero each month anyway, so do yourself a favour this month and invest in yourself.

Hit the big red button below and we'll send you on some more info about our fundamentals today.

Here's What Our Members Say: