If You're Reading This Page It's Because Someone You Know Loves RevFit (...or we've brainwashed them enough to recruit you too)

If you know anything about what we do at RevFit, you'll know we're not like a normal gym. But is that a good thing?

It's funny... whenever we ask members to tell their friends about us, the first reaction they always seem to get is "YOU'RE PAYING HOW MUCH FOR A GYM?!".

Most people's experience of a gym is a big warehouse you join in January, pay €300ish up front, and don't step through the door again until late April when bikini / tops off fear kicks in.

There's mirrors, equipment, treadmills, bikes, dumbbells, and some swipey  card thing to get you through the door. 

But no one tells you what to do, or checks in to make sure you're actually showing up or making progress.

And you certainly never see photos like these coming out of a gym like that:

My point is this - they don't care. They want you to not show up. They want to take a big up front payment and never see you again. You're just a number on a spreadsheet to them.

To us, you're a real person - someone with a name, a family, friends, a job and a whole host of things that might get in the way of you making it to the gym. 

A person who comes in with a history of success and failure using a variety of diet or training systems.

Someone who needs to have a program tailored to their needs, and a custom nutrition plan set up and tweaked over their first 6 weeks until we both understand what you need.

You're a person who if we don't see you for 7-10 days will get an email off their coach checking in to see what's up.

What I'm saying is RevFit is like no other gym you've ever been a member of and since you've a friend training here, you're probably a pretty cool person and we want you too!

To make your life easier, and to prove we're not full of sh*t, we've a special promotion running through December for friends of RevFit ONLY.

You can train for the entire month of December for the low low price of absolutely nothing. No euros, no rubbles, no shekels.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to say yes to us 
(and since we're only closed for 3 days over the entire Christmas period - I'm taking that excuse away from you too...)

When you start, you'll get a complimentary 60 minute personal training assessment session so we can get to know you and your goals, what you've struggled with before, and perform a full movement assessment to see how we'll have to modify your program.

Come January, if when you choose to stay on, your weekly membership will be between €30 and €40 - by then we'll have easily of convinced you of the value of our service - and even if we haven't - what harm? You're on the hook for exactly no money anyway.


3x Personal Training Sessions which will strengthen and build your entire body so that your belly starts to shrink, and you finally have an ass to fill out a pair of jeans with, or as a guy something to fill the sleeves of your t-shirt.

3x Bootcamp Sessions to take all the strength you're building in the personal training sessions and use it to burn fat and bump your fitness up a few notches so you can throw out baggy pants, giant hoodies and wear something that shows off your body rather than hiding it

Weekly nutrition check ins with your coach who'll create a personalised plan for you, and help you review it each week. This is always a surprising process for members because it helps them finally understand how many calories are in food, and the effect different foods have on their body

Ongoing support in whatever you need because joining a gym can be a scary and unsettling experience and we want it to be as easy, drama free and enjoyable as possible for you.

...and it's all free, at least for December anyway, so there's no reason not to say yes.

Claiming your space is easy - just fill in the short form below and we'll mail you a link to book your personal training session immediately 🙂

Fill that form above in, open the email you receive, and book your space. Simples 🙂

RevFit is located on the Ballyboggan Road in Glasnevin / Finglas and we have morning and evening personal training sessions weekly, along with Saturday morning sessions too.

For any additional info, please just email us on info@revolutionfitness.ie or visit the website @ revolutionfitness.ie