So you're thinking of joining RevFit. I bet you have loads of questions. Some you probably don't even realise you have. Things like "what will happen if I miss a class?", "how I know if I'll be able for it?", "I'll be on holidays for a week during the program, what happens then?" etc... You'll find the most common Qs answered below.

Q: Some of your stuff sounds manly, are you sure it's ok for girls?

Q: What times & days are the sessions on?

Q: What will my first week look like?

Q: Do you need to be fit already to join, I don't know if I'll be fit enough to survive...

Q: Can I show up to train at any time? Or do I have to use specific days/times?

Q: What happens if I miss a session?

Q: Can I keep training after the 12 weeks? I don't want to start and then stop again.

Q: Is this only for weightlifting monsters?

Q: I have x/y/z injury can I still take part?

Q: Am I gonna have to follow a really strict diet?

Q: I'm going away for a week during the program, can I still take part?

Q: Where's the gym located?

Q: I've never lifted weights before. I'm very nervous I don't know what to do. What can you do for me? Can I do some personal training first?

Q: What will I "get" out of this program?

Q: What happens if I don't get the results you're promising?

Q: How long are you guys in business?

Q: I've trained in other gyms that promise amazing results and failed to deliver. How do I know you guys are any different?

Q: Can I come see the gym before I join?

So there ya go... all the things I THINK you need to know about RevFit. I'm sure we've missed something, if we have, pop us a mail using the address at the bottom of this page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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