April 21

Expectation Versus Appreciation


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When you trade your expectations for appreciation your whole world will change.

Yesterday, while I was sitting in Nero Coffee I got majorly pissed off because their wifi wasn’t working. Stop and think about that for a second – I got pissed off because there was no wifi while sitting in a glass fronted building, in the middle of London, as sunshine TORE thru the sky, all while drinking a magic energy liquid that came out of a machine when a girl pressed a few buttons.

It gets worse – with no wifi, I had to take out a little black electronic box from my pocket, one that can access the collected works of the entire human race no matter where you are almost instantly, and use that instead. The same device would allow me to speak to my girlfriend in Dublin, or record the whole trip on video or photo. OH THE INCONVENIENCE!

And last week, I was bull’n because a flight was delayed for an hour. A flight. A plane is a magic steel fucking tube that flies thru the sky at hundreds of miles per hour, tens of thousands of feet up where there’s no oxygen.. A thing that lets you get from country to country faster than you go north to south in Ireland, and I was pissed off at the inconvenience to my day in losing an hour out of it.

We’re a funny bunch of creatures eh?

Thanks to social media and being constantly plugged into the matrix we feel like we’re ALWAYS in control. You want information – you get it. You want instant gratification – you get it. You want to order a ride – take out your phone uber it. You wanna creep on and score a guy or girl – tinder it. You’ll know straight away if they’re into you. And you can use that uber you ordered to go meet them.

That’s the illusion of control. We feel it, but we’re not in control. Not really. There’s so many variables out there which you can effect you day to day, you can NEVER be fully in control. The only thing you can REALLY be in control of is one simple choice. Choosing to be happy.

See what you look for, you find. If you look for things to be pissed off about, or things that annoy you, guess what you find? That’s right – things that annoy you. When you look for things to be grateful for, guess what you find…


Here’s a thing to try – every time you get pissed off look around and see what you can be grateful for.

Having a fight at home with the missus? Check out that switch on the wall that magically creates ROOF FIRE and illuminates your room.

Get cut off on in traffic? Turn on your radio to hear the melodic voice of someone thousands of miles away you’ll never meet, while you sit in a vehicle that moves because of CONTROLLED EXPLOSIONS!

Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world will change.

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