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Do you think you're too big to join a gym, or that previous injuries will hold you back?

This is a special message for anyone who has ever said "I'll join the gym when..."

"I wanted to join a gym, but fear was holding me back... I thought I'd be too big and unfit to actually do the training, and was scared my injuries would limit me from the getting the most out of the program"

Sound familiar?

Don't worry - lots of our members had the same concern before joining us because they had bad experiences in other, unprofessional, gyms.

They also had lots of other questions...

...will I be the most unfit there...
...I've tried dieting before and just regained all the weight...
...last time I went to a gym I was too weak to lift any of the weights the instructor told me to use...
...what's actually going to happen in the workouts...

And as valid as all those Qs are, the general fear of just not knowing if they'd be able for it was the biggest.

It's an awful shame that with obesity and diabetes increasing exponentially globally the places best suited to help - gyms - have become something that is feared by the people who need it the most.

So let's do something about it today.

I didn't start school until I was 5 years and 3 months old - that's late by Irish standards. My parents held me back because they didn't want me starting when I'd just turned 4. And it was one of the few times in life when delaying taking action was a good choice.

When I did make it to school, I never for once second thought "man I wish I'd waited until I learned more to start school". I just showed up and did as I was told because I didn't know any better.

And logically, you know that's correct. But as adults, we start to think about all the things that COULD happen, and the negative outcomes that will embarrass us.

The fear of being embarrassed, the feeling of everyone staring at you thinking "what's this lad up to" is so big that most people will never even give it a go.

And I get that, really - I do. At my heaviest I got up to 111kg with a 41+ inch waist. At my lightest and leanest I got down to about 86kg. Seriously - check it out.

But this isn't about me or my results. In fact you should completely disregard my results because it's different for me. I own a gym, have always been athletic and just let myself go. I don't REALLY know what it's like to be starting from scratch.

But our members do. They're the ones that have overcame the bullshit stories they'd told themselves previously about how they couldn't do it. They're the ones that  have dropped dress sizes, stones, kilograms and had to buy completely new wardrobes.

It's been guys and girls. Young and old. History of injury, history of doing nothing at all, and others who played a lot of sport when they were younger and just let themselves go. They all come back saying the same thing:

"I genuinely wouldn't have stuck with it without you guys in the gym"

You may be wondering why they've got results and you haven't. Or what we do that's so special. And whilst a new piece of software we've installed that automatically tells us when you're missing classes so we can follow up has helped, it's not the secret.

The secret is how we structure our programs to make them easy to follow.

  • All our training sessions are supervised by our personal training team so you're never left wondering what to do, or how to improve your performance session to session and week to week
  • Every member will have their program customised to fit their exact needs if they have an injury or problem to work around
  • YOU are the focus of the session, not the trainers phone, cheeky ab shots, or trying to pick up new clients on the floor. Our trainers focus on your exclusively during your session
  • We mix two different styles of training to get you the best results. The main focus will be on getting your stronger in our personal training sessions, and pushing your fitness levels in our bootcamp workouts (which can burn 800+kcals in a single session)
  • We work with a nutrition consultant to help design the best eating approach for you so that you slowly and consistently lose weight and KEEP it off (if you're looking for a quick fix - we're not the place for you)

We know this process works, because it's the same process we use every day at RevFit.

In fact it works so well, I can make the following statement with absolute confidence.

Do NOT attempt to lose any weight or start a new training program without talking to us first.

...ESPECIALLY if you've tried to do it before unsuccessfully, or lost weight and regained it all with interest

I'm serious - don't do it.

 The loss of time (not to mention the loss of your patience and sanity) is too important to risk.

You do not have to figure it out on your own...

You can get it right the first time and KEEP your results.

You don't have to fail before you succeed.

We go thru the process all of the time with our clients. It is FANTASTICALLY routine to us by now, but will blow YOUR mind.

And because we know it's easy to make these claims without having the stones to back it up, and because more gyms just want you to give them a once off payment in the hopes you never show up again...

You can get your first personal training assessment session, and your first full week of training on us.

Yup, completely free.

...but we only give away 1 of these spaces each day, so if you want it - you need to act now

Once you see the value in what we offer, I'm completely confident the €30-40 our members pay for weekly personal training will seem too cheap to be believed.

Literally, you could have one of those fancy mochamacthafapachinos in Starbucks or Costa, or you can have €100+ worth of value from our 5* personal training team so that even if you don't end up joining long term, you can learn exactly what to do to get started.

If you're ready to get started, just click the "GET STARTED" button below and you'll be redirected to sign up right now.


What Results Can I Realistically Expect?

The results you get are 100% linked to the effort you put in. We've had clients lose 30+kg in their first 6 months training with us and keep it off for over  2 years. We've had others lose 5kg inside their first month. Some who've lost no weight but toned up and dropped dress sizes. And others who've lost nothing at all.

Is the training suitable for men and women?

We've designed our training so that both men and women can participate and get incredible results. For the most part you'll be following a very similar system with some individual tweaks on a person by person basis.

I Have An Injury To My "bodypart". Can I Still Train?

More so than anything else, the thing we take most pride in is accommodating people coming back from injuries and finding innovative ways to ensure you get results while keeping you safe and speeding up your recovery. Long story short - yes you can.

Why free?

For the most part - you don't know us. And we don't know you. It's natural for you to have some reservations, especially with all the substandard unprofessional gyms operating out there. We want to make the first hurdle super easy to  overcome for ya.

How Much Does It Normally Cost?

If your first Q was "how much will this cost" you're probably not right for us. When I tell you it's between €30 and €45 per week for between 3 and 6 training sessions with our personal training team you'll either think "that's a rip off" or "that's extremely good value". If you think it sounds like extremely good value we'd love to hear from you.

What Times & Days Are The Sessions On?

Morning training sessions:
- Monday / Wednesday / Friday @ 615am, 715am, 10am

Evening training sessions:
- Monday to Friday @ 515pm, 615pm, 715pm, 815pm

Saturday training session:
- 915am / 1015am / 1115am

Like I said - we only open one of these spots per day and once it's gone, it's gone.

Get INSTANT access now by clicking the button below to secure your space.

Revolution Fitness is located on Ballyboggan Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. Simply stick "Revolution Fitness" into google maps and it'll take you right to us.

We've got to the stage where we're absolutely certain that our system works for every body - skinny guys in their 20s looking to gain muscle, men in their 30s looking to tone up, and guys in their 40s looking to lose weight and get healthy again.

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