Nutrition is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle in order to look, feel and perform better.

It’s also the most difficult for the majority of people.

See training is pretty straightforward, particularly when you’re a member @RevFit. All you have to do is book into a class and get yourself over to the gym for it.

We show you what to do (if you don’t already know), keep an eye to make sure you’re not f*cking it up as you go, and remind you to push yourself a little bit harder than the previous week.


However training only takes up like 3-5 hours of your week (not including the time it takes you to get to/from the gym), which is a grand total of 3% of your week.

So even if you get everything in training absolutely perfect, that still leaves 97% of your week to f*ck it all up again.

What you will find here are some of the methods we’ve tried & tested with people to make it as simple as we can to get the nutrition side of things locked down as well.

Now obviously we’re not all going to be saints all of the time and have nothing but chicken, broccoli & sweet potatoes for the rest of our lives, and nor should we!

You see none of us get out of this whole ‘life’ thing alive anyway, so getting everything 100% perfect all the time won’t mean you’ll become so healthy that you’ll live forever.

Eating highly processed shit all the time however will almost certainly guarantee you an early grave, and have you feeling and looking like shit on the way there.

So the aim of the game becomes finding the balance.

Getting enough good quality, real food that we can look and feel like an absolute boss, and having enough flexibility that we can enjoy it at the same time.