July 14

Clare Got Results Right Away


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When you’re faced with the challenge of getting back in shape like Clare was, the fastest way to get there is with a dedicated system. One that tells you how to train, what to eat, and all the other little things you need to do to make it easy.

Like she said “it’s nice to know you can start something from scratch and see results straight away”. I’d a chat with Clare yesterday about her journey so far in RevFit. Here’s what she said;



What changes have you noticed since you took part in the Femme Fatale Transformation Program?
Thinking about my weight & body shape (like most girls) has always been an issue for me. however in the past few months I have worn clothes I would never have bought in my life, nothing outrageous or anything, but just stuff that finally didn’t have to be baggy.

I know since joining this place I have felt more like myself again after being injured for a while. I feel 10 times more confident with anything that I’m doing due to the fact that I have done so well  in just a few months. it’s nice to know you can start something from scratch & see progress straight away.


What sorta impact has it had on your life? 
I cut back hugely drinking & eating out or atleast strategically choose places where I knew I could find something I could get, so I don’t know how helpful I am for this box! This was just because I only had a small window in which to get results [James’ note – Clare’s going in for a knee operation which means quite a while off training!]


What made you bite the bullet and join?
I was sooo excited to try rev fit as it was something completely different to anything I would usually do. 

I was a bit skeptical about what ‘changes’ I would see, due to the fact that I had pretty much maintained my weight & shape no matter what I was doing in relation to diet & exercise. however, that was squashed quickly without being told to live off salads & never eat chocolate!


What’s been your biggest success so far?
Seeing my numbers increase to figures I would not have believed were possible for me to attain in april when I started out. 

squat 40 -> 80
deadlift 70 -> 110 (my personal favorite)
bench 40 -> 50 (nothing to brag about there, but ill just throw it in!)


What was your biggest fear prior to joining?
my biggest fear was just looking like an ejit in general because I had never touched weights in my life! 

but the coaches are fantastic & help you in any way they can, few tweaks & they make you feel like this was something you have been doing all along.

Any advice for people before they start?
Rev Fit is such a supportive, relaxed environment (and I mean that in the best possible way!) that no one should feel nervous or worried about joining. makes no difference whether your numbers are 50kg less than the person training next to you, you are just as much a part of what is going on.

the coaches give you all the encouragement & motivation you need to reach your targets, without being a ‘scary gym coach/instructor’ 🙂

I can honestly say that the past four months training in this gym have been the most satisfying & rewarding training I have ever experienced. I’m shocked by the amount of the progress each of you have helped me achieve in a short period of time; whether that be techniques I had literally never known about before I started (e.g. anything to do with a deadlift) or helping me with nutrition advice & getting results pretty much straight away. Devastated to have put this all on hold, and I already know I will be back (assuming there is space) once I am given the all clear [with her knee].

Thank you so much to yourself, Conor, Darragh & Cian for all your coaching & encouragement you have given me, for answering all my niggly little questions around food over both email & in the gym. it has helped so much & got rid of so much frustration! 

Find out EXACTLY what we did with Clare to blow her away with results by filling in the form here for your free fat loss coaching call  



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