Lose Weight and Tone Up At Bootcamp By RevFit

Have you 10kg or more to lose? Here’s how to drop the first 5kg in 5 weeks, and get a €7 / 7 Day Trial at Bootcamp by RevFit to get you started.

90+% of the people I know aren’t happy with their body. They feel unattractive, self conscious and guilty that they haven’t done anything about it.

Bootcamp by RevFit will melt fat around your belly and legs, and tone up your arms and abs. You can say goodbye to the feeling of frustration and anger at past failures and hello to a confident body and sustainable approach to feeling attractive and good about yourself again.

On your €7 / 7 Day Trial, you’ll get:

  • 3x Bootcamp by RevFit Sessions (normally €25)
  • 1x Personal Training Session (normally €80)
  • Our 100+ recipe meal guide with exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

​We all have our issues. Mine is arms & legs, keeping them tight and toned. It takes work. Believe me

Really Famous Singer & JayZ's wife

Over the last 3 years we’ve trained thousands of guys and girls with weight to lose, in person and online, around Ireland and the UK – if your results are only half as good as theirs, the only problem you’ll have is that you didn’t get started sooner. You can lose well over a dress size in your first 6 weeks, feel stronger , have more energy and be a lot more body confident just like Emma did for her friends wedding last year.

I wasn’t very happy with how I looked. I’d been trying to change it for ages and nothing was working. I’d seen my sister and her results and knew that this would work for me!!

Emma DoylePrimary School Teacher

The best part is you can try us out for just €7.

Click the “add to cart” button below to get your €7 / 7 Day Bootcamp by RevFit kickstart week and save almost €100. Once you click the button you’ll be redirected to a paypal page (which you can use even if you don’t have a paypal account – all you need is a credit/debit card).

I only have room for 3x Personal Training intro sessions each week, so book yours now. Once you’ve paid, you’ll immediately get sent a booking form for your PT session.

If you don’t LOVE Bootcamp by RevFit, just call or email us and we’ll refund double the difference immediately (ok… I know that’s only like €14, but it shows how low risk this is for you anyway!).

So tell ya what – skip one of those gin and tonics this weekend, come give us a try for a week instead. You’ll get the benefit of our years of knowledge, a personal training session and 3 classes for less than the price of a 16 pack of toilet roll in tesco (not even joking – they’re €8).


Where's The Gym?
The gym is on Ballyboggan Road in Glasnevin - you can see a map at the bottom of the page.

Do I Need To Be Fit Already To Join?
Hell no!! You come to the gym to get fit and get in shape. You don't need to be fit to join!

What Does A Training Session Look Like?
You walk in the door, come thru the arch and chill out on our awesome handmade pallet couches (wait til you see em!) if you're early for training. Once the session starts will do a light warm up with some bodyweight movements and stretching for about 5 minutes, then we'll start the workout. The workout itself is about 45 minutes long. At the end you'll spend 5-10 minutes doing some cool down stretches.

Ok, but what's the WORKOUT look like?
We use a mix of bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, medicine balls and a load of other gym equipment you've probably seen before in our workouts. Every session is a full body workout. You'll be doing things like 40 seconds of dumbbell squats, with a 20 second break, followed by 40 seconds of ring rows, and a 20 second break, repeating that 5 times before moving on to the next part of the workout.

What if I don't know some of the exercises you ask me to do?
That's fine. Every workout starts with a briefing on the movements we'll be using anyway where we show you exactly what's going down.

I've injured my back / shoulder / knee / hip can I still train?
Of course. The main reason we do the personal training session at the start is to figure out what injuries and flexibility / mobility issues  you have and how to workout around them. If you've problem that precludes a certain movement, you'll get an alternative to follow (we normally give out coloured wristbands so our coaches know exactly who has what problem so they make sure to work around it!)

What days / times are classes on?
Currently we train tuesday and thursday at 6.30pm and 7.30pm, and saturday @ 10am and 11am. We use an online booking app that you can download to your phone / tablet to book into class, so if something unexpected comes up, you can just switch classes on the app without having to worry about missing out.

We'll be adding Monday / Wednesday sessions over the coming months too.

How long before I start seeing results?
You'll feel better after the first couple of sessions. You'll look better after the first couple of weeks. And you'll never want to leave after the first couple of months!

How much weight will I lose?
We recommend our clients think in terms of bodyfat % rather than weight, because that's what really dictates how you look. We tell everyone that if you're losing around 0.75% bodyfat per week, that's healthy and sustainable long term. That roughly translates to somewhere between 0.5-1kg on average. It's not unusual to see 2kg or more fall of in the first 5-10 days though.

Will I have to keep going forever?
I certainly hope you love it enough to stick around for a long time! We've clients with us since we opened our doors back in February 2012. A lot of people come to us to get in shape, but they stay because of the community and fun. Real sustainable change is made through long term habit change, not quick fixes. So yup, you'll have to do something to keep in shape 2-3x for the next few years, but I reckon you'll have enough fun doing it to stick with us.

We've an advanced semi private training group as well which you might want to graduate to after a couple of months. That's a lot more challenging and you'll get to do advanced barbell exercises with heavy weights like squats, bench presses and deadlifts (don't worry - if you do the trial and are actually super fit we'll tell you a bit more about our semi private training group then if you want).

Is it for guys or girls?
Once you've got runners and a pulse we don't mind! There's about a 50/50 split of guys and girls training together at the moment anyway. We give exercise adjustments depending on how fit and strong someone is anyway, so whether you're male or female, you'll get a cracking workout.


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