Rapidly drop up to 5kg of body fat, and add t-shirt busting lean muscle to your arms, chest and shoulders with 6 weeks of training from our expert strength coaches

The Revolution Fitness 6 Week Challenge will help transform your body and change your life

If you're pissed off and frustrated about your lack of progress in the gym, or so confused about what to do you haven't even started yet, then this program is for you.

I am absolutely certain that when you finish our 6 week transformation system you'll be a different guy inside, and out. Learning how to overcome challenges in the gym and FORCE your body to yield to change under the determination of your effort and work will change every area of your life.

You'll finish up the program wearing tight fitting clothes with pride rather than hiding under shapeless hoodies and baggy tees, eating the right foods at the right time without having to think about it, and crushing weights in the gym with unlimited energy.



  • Between 20 and 40 years old
  • Want to lose 5kg or more
  • Need to gain muscle in your shoulders, arms and chest 
  • Live in Dublin and can train in our Glasnevin Gym
  • Willing to train with 100% commitment and dedication 3-5 times per week
  • Prepared to leave ALL your excuses at the door and lay it on the line every single training session
  • Willing to follow a nutrition plan specifically laid out for you
  • Good to start between Wednesday 7th and Tuesday 13th of September