August 22

Here, Have A 4 Week Training Plan On Me

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I thought I was being all smart with my holiday tips last week.

Like I was giving you some secret knowledge no one had shared before. And for the most part, it was well received.

But on Friday, I got absolutely schooled.

After the post Holiday Hacks Part 3 of 3 about how to use google maps when you’re away on holidays, I got a great email off a couple of people describing how you can take it up ANOTHER level.

(and don’t worry, if you’re sick of the “do this on holidays” email series, today will be last one, I already have the next 3 planned, and they’re about training, social media, and perceptions v reality)

I’m just gonna quote Walter on this, because he’s done a great job of describing how to do it… It turns out you can actually download a map of an entire area and use it offline, directions and all.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 08.54.32

Here’s Walter;

Just another helpful hack with maps:

Go online.

Search on google maps the area that you want to save

Type “ok maps” (As if you were looking for a place like that), confirm that you want to save the map

If you take a too large area you will lose details as some names off roads but gps should still work and you can still receive phone calls

Tested maaany times and works

Offline maps are automatically deleted after 60 (i think) days

Just another helpful hack with maps.


I tried it yesterday and can confirm it worked. Managed to download a map for the entire island. So now I have no excuse to turn data on so I can check facebook for notifications 🙁

This is a perfect example of why I love crowdsourcing information so much.

It’s one of the cool things that’s happening organically as part of my free Powerlifting Academy Facebook Group too. Guys and girls are asking questions, and some of the other 200 members are jumping in to help them out and answer their queries.

It’s nice to be part of something like that with knowledgable people giving their time for free.

You can join it here and have a personal trainer in your pocket:

And you can download a free 4 week training program that should add 5-10% to your squat, bench and deadlift PRs here too:

(over the coming week in the group I’ll be creating a video describing how to modify for the program for what would effectively be an entire year of training too – so come join today so you don’t miss out)

TL;DR – type “ok maps” to download an area on google maps for offline use to be searched later as if you were online (and grab your free program using the link above)


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