July 31

3 Reasons Why Most Girls Will Never Get The Body They Want


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This originally started out as “quick tip” blog post with some short concise information. Then I quickly realized that this topic is something I’m SO passionate about I’d never be able to keep it short.

Ya see it pisses me off that you’re unhappy. That you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. That you wear baggy clothes to hide your hips, arms and tummy. That you can’t fit into clothes you could last year.

And, that you waste your time and money doing stuff that promises results and gets you nothing. So instead of punching a wall, I had to do something productive.

Like help you out.

So here’s the 3 things most girls are doing that are stopping them from having the body they want.

…and how to fix them.

You can watch the video below, or scroll down to read the content.



1) Breaking yourself down, rather than building yourself up
This is simple – running, walking, cardio, bootcamp and high rep light weight training is destroying your body. It’s like the ocean chipping away at the coast line constantly depleting your natural resources.

You see some short term results because ANYTHING you do differently will be a positive, but long term you just plateau out and get nowhere.

Unless you count injured, upset and demoralized as “somewhere”.

2) Not eating enough food
I blame point 3 for this one. Constantly starving yourself is NOT a natural approach to weight loss. Your body is smarter than you are, and it hates you. If you keep restricting what you put into it, it’ll fight back by storing EVERYTHING you put in when things go wrong.

And trust me – they will go wrong. If you only ever “diet” you destroy your metabolic flexibility so that once you have a bad meal, it leads to a bad day, and all the starvation and deprivation ends up without breaking in a BIG way and gaining all the fat back, plus interest.

Been there right??

This is especially true for carbohydrates. They’re not the devil. You’re probably just approaching the timing and types wrong.

3) Getting your information from the same place you get your entertainment
Gossip mags, newspaper pullouts and the internet is basically chocolate for your brain. It tastes good at the time, but you wake up with regrets.

There’s SO much information out there that there’s no way to decipher what’s good, what’s bad and what the BEST way of doing things is.

Look, this is all really quite simple and it pisses me off like you would not believe how hard people make it.

Here’s a simple three step plan to implement right now to get stared.

STEP 1: Get Strong First

Strength training will NOT make you big and bulky. It CAN’T. Once you implement it properly. A lot of trainers make the mistake of getting girls to train high reps for “toning” – but you know who else does high reps?


If you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, don’t train like one. Train like an athlete. Tone up, look firmer, leaner, more toned and be stronger inside and out.

What kind of movements are we talking?

Squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, barbell row, and then fill in the gaps with some single arm and single leg stuff.

They key here is progression – if you’re just repeating the same routine over and over again without working towards a goal, nothing will happen. It won’t need to. Your body hates you. It wants to do as little as possible. Unless you force it to adapt and improve – you’ll be stuck going round in circles.

Step 2: Eat Right 80% of The Time

Yup, just 80%. Because if you can’t get your day 80% right, you’re definitely not getting it 100% correct. For very long at least…

Too many people enter into the restrictive diet mindset right off the bat and end up starved and emaciated. They last for a couple of weeks, feeling miserable and tired all the time, then eventually they get to a weekend event or night out, and break.

And you break hard. Again. And again. And again. Until you’ve regained everything you’ve lost. Feel and look like crap. And then beat yourself up over how weak your will power is.

Your will power is not the problem. You just haven’t introduced things in the right order.

Eat 80% right, get that locked down for a few weeks, step it up to 90%, once that’s comfortable, go up a bit more. And eventually, start thinking about calorie and macro tracking.

The latter is only for those already getting close to their goal. You can get into REALLY good shape and destroy a muffin top and bingo wings just by knocking down the 80% days consistently.

Step 3: Stop With The Brain Chocolate

You know why gossip ‘sites and glossy mags are so addictive? Because they play on your emotions. They get you emotionally involved in the situation, entertain, enthrall and make you happy (or angry, or sad). They hook you in and keep you there. Like a bad relationship. Next time you’re reading one, look out for that.

That’s all the nutrition and training “articles” you see in them are. Entertainment. Not information. Just something to pass your day reading, another empty promise, another “how she did it” piece of BS about a celebrity with a team of trainers and chefs to get her in shape.

Trust me on this – raspberry ketones, aloe vera, juice plus, spinning and cardio will do absolutely nothing for your other than empty your bank balance and self worth onto the floor.

If you haven’t got the above 2 steps under control, you’re going thru the same binge/purge cycle you’ve always gone thru. You’ll lose some weight, you’ll gain it all back plus interest, and you’ll start the next “fad”.

The “BONUS STEP” in this sequence is what we do with our girls.

Our new female only transformation gym is doing things differently.

>> Train girls to get stronger with barbells and bodyweight to firm and tone their muscles so that you look good in clothes, and even better outta them

>> Only ever diet for 6 weeks (then “reverse taper” increasing food back up to restore normal metabolic function so that you can eat A LOT of food without regaining all that weight). That’s so that you never fall off the wagon again. You end up with your new lean, toned, sexy body, AND being able to eat A LOT

>> COACH everyone to their results. No drill sergeant “our way or the high way” approach. Instead we work with you and support you so that you understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and what you need to do to improve it.

It’s so simple that it frustrates the hell out of me that no one else is doing it. We’re already doing it with our guys and girls in RevFit: Drumcondra, but on August 25th we open the doors to The Revolution Fitness Ladies Transformation Centre: Glasnevin to fix all the problems conventional training has created.



**If you want to find out a bit more about Revolution Fitness: Glasnevin – The Ladies Transformation Centre, and how we can help you – fill in this form below for a free 15 minute coaching call**


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