December 25

The 3 Big Mistakes You’ll Make With Your New Years Resolution in 2015, Without Even Realising It


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In this series I’m going to talk about the three biggest mistakes people make when they try to get their ideal 2015 body. I’m going to tell you where you probably are a special case and how you do suffer from your own individual problems which stop you from losing weigh and I’m also going to tell you exactly how to fix them. Keep reading now and find out why.

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The problems are related to three areas.

  • Your mindset

  • Your training

  • Your nutrition

Training and nutrition is obvious – everybody knows that’s a problem. But nobody ever factors in mindset and it’s the most crucial part of the entire equation. So there’s three really big issues you have to consider here.

  • your expectation management

  • self limiting beliefs

  • self sabotage tactics



Realistic expectations should be obvious but they’re not. If you’ve spent the last six to twelve months not training, not eating properly, just letting yourself slip away… It is not realistic to expect to be in amazing shape again in six weeks time.

You can be in better shape, you can look better, you can feel better but you won’t have that dream body that you’re looking for. It takes time and it takes effort to undo all of the stuff you have done to yourself over time. 

So then, what is realistic? Realistic is about 0.75% of body fat lost per week. So the time it takes to “get in shape” depends on where you start.

For girls what you need to be looking at is something in the range of 22% – 25% body fat measured with calipers is to really look in great shape, to have that awesome bikini body, and to walk around with confidence.

Where you’re at now obviously dictates how long it’s going to take to get there. So if you’re at 25% and you want to get to 22%, that’s a 3% drop, taking off 0.75% per week. So that’s only four weeks!! BUT if you’re at 25% already you probably look pretty good.

However if you’re at say 40% body fat…

40% back to 25% is a 15% body fat reduction. At 0.75% per week you’re looking at around twenty weeks to get there. Twenty weeks is around five months of training and that’s five months of consistent training, sticking to the plan, making sure your nutrition is nailed, and making sure your training is nailed as well. 

Look, I know I might sound intimidating but here’s the great news – every single day you’re going to feel better, every single week you’re going to look better. So if it takes a little bit longer to get to your goals so bloody what! You’re doing the right stuff, you’re going in the right direction and that’s all that really matters. 


Look closely into expectation management and staying realistic goals is yourself is self limiting beliefs. Even if you believe you don’t have them – they’re there sitting in the back of your brain, I guarantee it.

Your self limiting beliefs could be around how you look – “I don’t think I should look thin”, “I’ll never be skinny”, “I’ll never look the way I want to look” etc etc.

It could be about money – “I’m happy at the level of income I’m at”, “I’ll never have a fancy car”…

It could be around relationships – “I don’t deserve a boyfriend”, “I don’t deserve to be happy:”…

Everybody has their self limiting beliefs, but you cannot become a slave to them because they will lead into self-sabotage tactics. So what we need to do is help you to identify the things you need to work on now to figure out what’s stopping you from getting your goals.

So even if you’ve never been skinny before or you’ve never got into good shape… believe me, you can do it. You just need to figure out how to get there, the strategies to manage it and also ways to cope when it gets tough because;

Here is something nobody else will ever tell you, getting in shape is hard, it’s not easy, if it was easy everyone would walk around looking awesome


Linked closely into your self limiting beliefs are the self sabotage tactics you employ all the way through your training and nutrition plans. You won’t realize you’re doing it, you won’t want to do it and you will be totally incapable of stopping it.

So really what you need to do now is recognize them and start taking steps to resolve them over time. Self sabotage is stuff like;

  • I’ve had one square of chocolate I may as well have the entire bar

  • I’ve had a bad lunch so I may as well go to domino’s for dinner

  • I’ve had one glass of wine I may as well finish the bottle and go and have shots afterwards

The thing with self sabotage is that logically it makes no sense, because you know one square of chocolate isn’t equivalent to an entire bar of chocolate. You know that one drink isn’t equivalent to an entire bottle of wine, but you have no way to stop it and that’s because your mindset, your expectations management and self limiting belief system is all off.

You’ve created this unrealistic  set of goals for yourself, you’ve created all this  overwhelm inside your head and next thing you know – of course you’re not going to be able to lose weight and be happy because you’ve set up wrong from the start.

So what you REALLY need to do is look at some “mind coaching” first.

It doesn’t matter how good your training is.

It doesn’t matter how good your nutrition is.

Because if you’re not set up mentally from the start you’ll always fail. You’ll feel okay for a few weeks, and you might last a few months but you’ll always end up back exactly where you started.

Really the most important part of this whole equation is getting your head sorted first. Most personal trainers and most nutritionist aren’t equipped to deal with it tho. That’s why we work with expert mindset coaches at RevFit.

People’s who’s only job is to help you figure out what’s going on between your ears, so we can do the stuff we do best (getting you stronger and helping you eat right) so you get the fastest, most realistic results possible.

It all pisses me off so much that I’ve decided in 2015 everyone in RevFit is going to go through our Mindset Results Program (MRP). The whole purpose of the MRP is going to be helping you to identify everything you have inside of your head that’s preventing you from reaching the goals you want to achieve.

We’re going to look at it from a fitness / health angle, but the things you learn as part of the MRP will help you in every single aspect of your life – in training, in what you eat and why, in work, in relationships, in anything you can think of where you need to set and manage goals this will help.

This is probably one of the most valuable part of the RevFit experience and is something nobody else is doing. They’re not doing it because they don’t understand.

They don’t understand how important it is to treat everyone like an individual. Anyone can get a fluke and pull one good transformation out of every one hundred people. But what really matters is that everybody who comes in makes constant steady progress towards their goals and until we help to identify what those goals are and how you’re going to achieve them, you’re always going to struggle.

So really what I need you to do now is start thinking about

  • where you are

  • where you want to be

  • how long have you been trying to get there

  • the biggest block you have from doing it (that can be mental, that can be physical)

When you think about getting in shape, what’s the one thing that pops into your head and scares the absolute shit out of you? That’s your biggest limit in belief and we need to dig in a little bit deeper to understand why that’s there but what once we get it and destroy it, you’re guaranteed success.


Look, we really just want to help you get in the best shape of your life for 2015. So I need you to do 2 things. 

1) Sign up for our €21/21 day trial at RevFit Glasnevin (Ladies only!! Guys, I’ve got you covered elsewhere). You’ll get;

  • a free training session with one of our expert female fat loss coaches

  • We’ll walk you step by step through where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to achieve your goals

  • We’ll take you to the mindset training, we’ll look at your expectation management and self limiting beliefs

  • Your sabotage tactics and what you can do to overcome them.

  • Up to 16 semi private training sessions with our expert female fat loss coaches

All you need to do to get on board with that is click this link now:

The second thing I want you to do is have a look here on the right hand side of the video on this page: and what you’ll see is the option to opt in to get the next 2 videos and blog posts in this series.

Those two videos are going to cover the most common training mistakes women make and the most common nutrition mistakes women make.

In the training videos we’re going to look at why strength training is so important, what is “assistance work” and how do you use metabolic training to torch fat fast.

In the nutrition videos we’re going to look at your macro nutrient intake – so your protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your energy balance, or “matching principle” and then finally we’re going to look at the 80% rule of why you don’t need to be perfect all of the time.

Until next time 🙂


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