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Experience the RevFit difference and find out how guys and girls in Dublin are losing weight, getting stronger, dropping jean sizes and feeling awesome with our affordable semi private personal training packages.


Have you’ve been training hard and trying to eat right, but seeing NO results, even though you’ve been following every piece of advice you can find online? Are you sick of the depressingly average results, yo-yo diets and training programs that just don’t work?

If you’ve never step foot in a gym, or feel intimidated by the idea of lifting weights to lose fat and tone up – that’s great! We’re experts in helping people just like you get started in the gym lifting weights the right way.

At RevFit we specialise in helping guys and girls feel confident in their clothes, proud to wear a tee in public, eat the right food at the right time (without having to think about it), crush weights in the gym, and have unlimited amounts of energy. Our packages are between €30 and €45 per week.

If you're frustrated by your lack of progress over the last few weeks and months, lost as to how to do anything about and have no idea how to make a change, then we are the gym for you.

We specialise in helping guys and gals with little or no experience of lifting weights or training in a gym become comfortable under the bar, enjoy spending time working out, and mad as it might sound now, even looking forward to their next session!

Here's What You Get With Your Trial:


 3x Semi Private PT Sessions over 7 days in our Glasnevin Gym, and 2x Bootcamp by RevFit sessions too.


7 day customised introduction strength program – a complete plan to get you started as a stronger, fitter, happier and more in shape version of yourself to look AND feel great so you can strut your stuff with confidence, rather than shuffling around, hoping no one sees you


2x optional high intensity conditioning sessions for you to follow at home to literally force fat off your body


1x personal training, goal setting & nutrition planning session to see exactly what you should be eating, and when, so you can turn your soft stomach, flabby love handles and moobs into solid blocks of beef by eating more food and without going on a restrictive “diet”


Weekly bodyfat measurements and weigh ins so we know that you’re on track, and can make adjustments on the fly if necessary


A private Facebook group where you’ll have access to a dedicated mans-formation coach who’ll be on hand to motivate, support and guide you through everything and answer any questions you have


Guaranteed success, at least 2kg of weight loss and a chance to carry on with one of our programs with an exact, scientifically proven timeline to your goal so you know how long it’ll take to get there, and exactly what to do along the way


Since there's nothing on the line money wise for you to come in and do our free trial... What have you got to lose?

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